• The Manufacturing Process  Of  Superroad Company Products
    The Manufacturing Process Of Superroad Company Products
    • May 8 ,2020

    One peice of Our Superroad High quality products needs to go through 9 strict and sophisticated manufacturing links before it can be delivered to our customers. Prepare Material: The first step is to prepare the high-quality materials for each part. Including every material and appliance that may be used in the production process, Every detail is strictly controlled. Layup: Next,The carbon-fiber material is cut to shape, Staff layer by layer stacking carbon fibers, constantly adjusting and rolling forming, and finally form the expected model, carbon fiber material is about 40 layers. Molding: Next, put the expected model into a high-temperature furnace for forging,undergoes a proprietary injection process that results in the one-piece construction. Drilling: We use the latest first-class drilling technology to minimize errors, And continuous quality inspection, will eventually be released after meeting the standard, and enter the next production link. Detailing: Painting section: Comprehensive grinding> Coarse repair> Fine repair> Spray paint> High temperature baking model> Decal> QC Every link is infused with the patience of the manual workers and the superb craftsmanship. Final QC Check: We use machines to strictly check product parameters and safety and quality inspections to ensure that every product meets high quality requirements.we also check roundness (must be within 0.2mm), flatness (within 0.15mm) and with some products the tire pressure check is performed. Building: Qualified and high-quality rim products will eventually be sent to the master craftsmen who have excellent craftsmanship, and after they have the manual operation with their experience and correct assembly sequence, they will become one piece of good finished wheelsets. Packing: We use environmentally friendly and lightweight protective filler materials to effectively protect the wheel set from possible damage during transportation.And there are professional packing personnel to pack the product, detailed records, strict inspection to avoid negligent loss. Shipping: Our products are shipping by EMS or DHL for general order, bulk order suggest ship by Ocean Freight, but it need long time for ship.

  • Clincher vs Tubular vs Tubeless
    Clincher vs Tubular vs Tubeless
    • April 21 ,2020

    What are Clincher tyres and wheels? Clinchers tyres with entirely separate inner tubes that you can repair or replace if you puncture. Many clincher wheelsets also offer a tubeless ready construction so you swap to tubular. What are Tubulars? Tubular is a tyre with an inner tube stitched inside. The tubular is glued to a specially designed rim, or sometimes stuck there with double-sided tape. If you puncture a tubular, you can often repair it with a Latex-based liquid sealant. Otherwise, you have to take the tubular off the rim, It ‘s cumbersome to repair. What are Tubeless? Road tubeless is a relatively recent innovation that uses an airtight rim and tyre without an inner tube. You need specific road tubeless tyres and in most cases road tubeless wheels. 2. Indeed,  Their similarities far exceed their differences between these three tires : 1.All three are constructed by using almost the same materials. 2.All three comprise a woven casing that envelops an air chamber with a tread rubber outer layer. 3.After being assembled into one, the appearance is almost the same. 4.And all three can be designed to meet the needs of different riding disciplines, performance levels, and pricepoints. By contrast, the only real distinction rests with how the air chamber is formed and contained by each kind of tyre. For a tubular, that chamber is fully enclosed within the tyre. In contrast, the tyre forms only part of the air chamber for clinchers and tubeless tyres and the rim bed must complete it, where the former depends upon an inner tube, while the latter does not. Why does it matter? Before you buy your next carbon wheelset or bike, decide what type of tires you want to ride. If you want to run clincher ,tubular or tubeless tires, you need to buy wheels with rims suitable for these options.

  • Cycling Hand Signals You Need to Know
    Cycling Hand Signals You Need to Know
    • April 15 ,2020

    Whether you're riding solo or in a group, you'll need to know the proper hand signals to alert others of your intentions. 1. Single file: Raising your left arm, bending the elbow, and pointing up with the index finger, it indicate that you want to form a single file in order to avoid congestion in the complex traffic section. It's necessary to cycling a single file, when the people over 2, when going outside, espacially, in the city. 2. Double file: Raising your left arm, bending the elbow, and pointing up with TWO finger,  it's good for riding by two row in order to communicate and if the team over 5 people. 3. Turn Right: The first gesture is by extending the right arm straight out (90-degree angle) with your palm flat facing the ground. The second signal to turn right is by raising your left arm, bending the elbow, and pointing up with the index finger, historically, this practice is no longer in use to cyclists, and has been replaced with the simpler right arm straight out horizontally. The Uniform Vehicle Code in the U.S. recognizes both, although it recommends the right arm out approach. State traffic laws generally conform to the UVC, but exceptions may exist. Turn Left:  When on the road a left turn is indicated by fully extending the left arm out, with your palm flat facing the ground. You can also signal with a bent elbow, but the straight arm out is more popular and more visible. 4. Avoiding obstacles: The index finger of the right hand is obliquely extended and points to a certain part of the right side of the ground, indicating that there are obstacles such as glass bottles or potholes at the place, reminding the rear teammates to pay attention to avoiding, and asking everyone to pass from the other side. If the obstacle is on the left side, extend your left hand. While doing the gesture, you can also call out “GLASS!” 4. Slow down: the palm of one hand extends obliquely to the ground, swinging up and down to take a ball, indicating that the road is more bumpy or has a car, prompting the rear teammates to slow down. 5. Follow me: With one hand palm behind you, swing back and forth toward the hips, prompting everyone to stay in shape and follow. 6. Avoid cars: Reaches out the hand to the side of the vehicle or pedestrian, and the palm is facing the vehicle to remind the car when passing the intersection. 7. After you: The right hand is on the side of the body, and the palms swing forward and backward quickly. It means change the leader, the team leader to speed up the two feet after completing the prompt, and then retreat on the left side of the team, the rider quickly fills in, the leader slowly retreat to the team.

  • Some problems you want to know about Superroadbikes
    Some problems you want to know about Superroadbikes
    • April 10 ,2020

    PAYMENT METHOD You can pay through Paypal, Bank Transfer, T/T, Credit Card, West Union. 1. PayPal 4.5% PayPal fee needed. Please make sure you input the correct account to prevent payment failure or issues occur. 2.Bank/Wire Transfer There will be 1% bank fee added to your order. The fee from your bank will vary. 3.Western Union 1.NO BANK FEE REQUIRED 2.Account information Please send us the following information after you make the money transfer: 1.Remitter (Both Family Name and Given Name) 2.Payment amount RETURNS & REFUND Bicycle parts are looked over by our mechanic over a few days. We normally allow 3 business days for the bike to be checked over, if everything is okay, we will process the exchange or refund. If we have any issues, we will email you to let you know. Once we put through the refund to our accountant, it can take up to 10 business days for you to see the money. Warranty Police---Superroadbike 2-year Warranty from the date of purchase Conditions: Rims/ Wheelset/ Frame/ EBike Frame 1-year Warranty from the date of purchase Conditions: Group set / Motor Half a year Warranty from the date of purchase Conditions: Battery 20% discount on purchases if crashed in two years Order Way You can contact us through the following way to understand the product more and order the products: TEL: 86 13055508623 E-mail: BOX PACKING What is parts in the wheels package? Skewer, spare spokes, brake pad and rim tape. disc brake wheels is not incle brake pad.

  • A Hub Selection Guide
    A Hub Selection Guide
    • April 10 ,2020

    As everyone knows,the hub is the central part of your bike’s wheels (front and rear), which enabling the wheel to freely spin on two sets of bearings.So, how to choose the right hub for you is very important. If your bike has rim brakes, you don't need rotor attachments. You can choose those hub types: Brand Model Weight/ pair Applicable number of holes(Front) Applicable number of holes(Rear) Cassette body/XDR Driveshell Ceramic Bearing POWERWAY R13 287g 16/18/20 24 YES POWERWAY R36 298g 16/18/20 21(G3)/24 YES POWERWAY R51 297g 18/20 21(2:1)/24(2:1) BITEX RAF10S(Front)+ RAR 9(Rear) 258g 16/18/20 24(2:1) DT SWISS 350 374g 20 24 DT SWISS 240 325g 20 24 Chris King R45 326g 20/24/28/32 24/28/32 YES YES Novatech A271SB/F372SB 384g 20 24 Novatech A291SB/F482SB 321g 20 24 Novatech AS61CB/ FS62CB 290g 20 24 Does your bike have disc brakes? Then you'll need a hub designed for a rotor. There are two widely-used rotor attachment standards: Centerlock and ISO (also known as 6-Bolt). Centerlock is a proprietary standard designed by Shimano that uses a splined interface and a lockring. ISO is an open standard that uses six bolts to attach the rotor to the hub. You can refer to the following center lock hub data for selection(The following materials are Aluminium): Brand Model Weight/ pair Applicable number of holes(Front) Applicable number of holes(Rear) Cassette body/XDR Driveshell Ceramic Bearing Thru Axle POWERWAY CT31 MTB 424g 24/28 24/28 YES 12*100, 12*142/ 15*100, 12*142 POWERWAY CT 11 328g 24/28 24/28 12*100, 12*142/ 15*100, 12*142 POWERWAY CT 37 394g 24 24 YES YES QR135,12*100/12*142 DT Swiss DT350 384g 24 / 28 24 / 28 YES 15*100,12*100/12*142 DT Swiss DT350 BOOST 447g 24 / 28 24 / 28 YES 15*110,12*148 DT Swiss DT240 354g 24 / 28 24 / 28 YES 15*100,12*142 DT Swiss DT240 BOOST 361g 24 / 28 24 / 28 YES 15*110,12*148 Novatech D411SB-CL/D412SB-CL-11S 308g 24 24 YES 12*100,15*100/12*142 Novatech D041SB/D042SBSA 633g 24 24 YES QR 100mm(Front)/ 135mm(Rear) You can refer to the following six bolts hub data for selection(The following materials are Aluminium): Brand Model Weight/ pair Applicable number of holes(Front) Applicable number of holes(Rear) Cassette body/XDR Driveshell Thru Axle POWERWAY  CX32 382g 24 24 YES 12*100, 12*142/ 15*100, 12*142 POWERWAY  CX27 395g 24 24 YES 12*100, 12*142/ 15*100, 12*142 DT SWISS DT350 437g 24 / 28 24 / 28 YES 15*100,12*100/12*142 DT SWISS DT350 BOOST 421g 24 / 28 24 / 28 YES 15*110,12*148 DT SWISS DT240 422g 24 / 28 24 / 28 YES 15*100,12*100/12*142 DT SWISS DT240 BOOST 380g 24 / 28 24 / 28 YES 15*110,12*148

  • What kind of rim appearances would you choose?
    What kind of rim appearances would you choose?
    • March 19 ,2020

    Depending on the carbon fiber weaving method, the rims will have different appearances; the K number is the main reason for the appearance difference, and the "K number" refers to thousands of monofilaments in a bundle of carbon fibers. 3K means 3,000 monofilament carbon fibers in a bundle of carbon fibers. 12K means 12,000 monofilament carbon fibers in a bundle of carbon fibers. The 3k 12k UD refers to the thickness of the carbon fiber pattern.The thinnest 3k pattern is the smallest grid above. The higher the K number, the more complicated the process and the more expensive it is, but there are no big difference in functionality, it just meets the various aesthetic needs of consumer. The smaller the carbon fiber object, the smaller the grid, so that it can achieve better force. There are five kinds of appearances for the SuperroadBikes rim products, the following is a comparison and analysis: UD texture As the name implies, uni, meaning one, all of the fibers are oriented in the same direction. This gives uni-directional (UD) fabric some high strength benefits than other weaving method. Rather, there are continuous fibers that increase the strength and stiffness. Another benefit is the ability to tailor the layup with better control for performance characteristics. 3K texture This texture is woven from 3K width tows. Features: dense small cells, strong decoration, high recognition (that is, carbon fiber material can be seen at a glance), and high interlayer shear stress. The woven fabric has no anisotropic characteristics. It has the same tensile strength in each direction, which is mainly to meet the diverse needs of customers for appearance. 12K Texsure This texture is woven from 12K wide tow. Features: Compared with 3K plaid, it is larger grid, with strong decoration, high recognition, and high inter-layer shear stress. Twill has good pliability and can form to complex contours, and it is better at maintaining its fabric stability than a harness satin weave. 2x2 Twill is likely the most recognizable carbon fiber weave in the industry. It is used in many cosmetic and decorative applications, More and more personality seeker will choose it. 3K Twill Texture The picture above is the carbon fiber 3K twill. The carbon fiber circle of this pattern has been very popular in the past two years. Compared with UD and conventional 3K, it is indeed ingenious and bolder! It better caters to different consumer preferences and is more personalized. 12K Twill Texture This texture is made by weaving a tow with a width of 12K. Features: The pattern is more avant-garde, has a sense of design, high recognition, and high shear stress between layers, which has become a new trend. According to those analysis ,hope you can find the one you prefer.

  • How To Choose The Frame Size ?
    How To Choose The Frame Size ?
    • March 8 ,2020

    More and more bicycle rider purchase carbon bicycle frame on internet,such as some online store.But many customers is hard to confirm which size will they prefer,when they purchanse frame or complete bike.Superroad provide carbon road bike frame,MTB frame and ebike frame as well.Because of the time different,sometimes received some inquiry message about the frame size when our team mate in sweet dream. In order to easy for choose suitable size frame for yourself,Superroad team made a bike size chart,as below: Road Bike Size Rider Hight Bike Frame Size Feet/Inches Centimeters Centimeters Size 4.1''-5.0'' 148-152cm 47-48cm XXS 5.0''-5.3'' 152-160cm 49-50cm XS 5.3''-5.6'' 160-168cm 51-53cm S 5.6''-5.9'' 168-175cm 54-55cm M 5.9''-6.0'' 175-183cm 56-58cm L 6.0''-6.3'' 183-191cm 58-60cm XL 6.3''-6.6'' 191-198cm 61-63cm XXL Mountain Bike Frame Size Rider Hight Leg Inseam Bike Frame Size Feet Inches Centimeters Inches Centimeters Inches Size 4.1''-5.1'' 148-158cm 24-29'' 148-152cm < 14'' XS 5.1''-5.5'' 158-168cm 25-30'' 152-160cm 15''/16'' S 5.5''-5.9'' 168-178cm 26-31'' 160-168cm 16''/17'' M 5.9''-6.0'' 178-185cm 27-32'' 168-175cm 17''/18'' L 6.0''-6.3'' 185-193cm 28-33'' 175-183cm 18''/19'' XL 6.1''-6.6'' 193-198cm 29-34'' 183-191cm >19'' XXL The easiest calculate method,as below: -Road Bike Size = Leg Inseam(cm)×0.7 -MTB Bike Size = Leg Inseam(cm)×0.66 Mark:How to measure the leg inseam length? Taking off your shoe and stand on the gound,the gound to your crotch length is your leg inseam.

  • Tire Width For Bicycle Rim Chart
    Tire Width For Bicycle Rim Chart
    • March 3 ,2020

    For most bicycle cyclists, the size of the inner tube and the outer tube has been clear, but if talk about the width of the rim and the width of the tire, there may be many people who are unclear. Why the rim inner width is also related to the tire width? Isn't it the same size? What problems or dangers will arise if the improper tire width is applied to your own wheelset? Is there a relevant industry standard to tell us how wide tire fit rim width? The true size of the tire is tied to the rim width. If your tire is narrow compared to the rim, you risk pinch flatting and damage to the wide rim. If your tire is too wide compared to the rim, you risk burping/excess tire roll, and poor stability. Here is our general recommendation on the tire width range that works best with a given internal rim width. Road Rim Internal rim width (mm) 17-19 20-21 22-23 24-25 Tire size 23-25C √       Tire size 25-28C √ √ √   Tire size 28-30C √ √ √ √ Tire size 30-33C √ √ √ √ Tire size 33-35C √ √ √ √ Tire size 35-38C √ √ √ √ Tire size 38-40C   √ √ √ Tire size 40-43C   √ √ √ Tire size 43-45C     √ √ Tire size 45-48C     √ √ Tire size 48-50C       √ MTB Rim Internal rim width (mm) 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 40 45 50 Tire size 1.9" √ √ √ √ √                               Tire size 2.0" √ √ √ √ √ √                             Tire size 2.1" √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √                     Tire size 2.2"   √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √                 Tire size 2.3"     √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √           Tire size 2.4"         √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √         Tire size 2.5 - 2.7"             √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √       Tire size 2.8 - 3.1" (Plus)                         √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √

  • It will may ruin the tire rims when pump up casually
    It will may ruin the tire rims when pump up casually
    • January 13 ,2020

    It' not comfortable to cycle and will may ruin the tire rims when pump up casually. It's a big Knowledge that how to inflat a bicycle tire. Many cyclists buy new bicycles, whom tend to cherish them. It must scrub it "head to toe" after cyling. They treated the bicycle as their other half. However, I found that many people have cared for their bikes, while the details are not completely done. For example, some new cyclists may spend a long time on bicycle repair shop to pump up bikes, or just buy a gas cylinder at home. They don't know, it can not guarantee the comfort of cycling, And it may also cause irreversible damage to tires and rims, over time. Therefore, understanding the tire's air pressure parameters and preparing a vertical air pump with a barometer at home should be valued by every cycling enthusiast. What is PSI? Look closely at your bicycle tire, which is printed or embossed with the words xx PSI (xx is a number), which is the maximum pressure that the tire can withstand. PSI is called Pounds per square inch." P" refers to pound, "S" refers to square, "I" refers to inch. One standard atmospheric pressure is approximately equal to 14.6 PSI. What is a barometer pump? A gas cylinder with a barometer can be easily distinguished from its appearance. As long as you see a circular dial with a pointer on the regular gas tube, that's right. This dial may be connected to the gas cylinder after the nipple, showing the current value of the tire air pressure. How to use the barometer pump properly? A gas cylinder with a barometer allows us to accurately input the corresponding value of the air pressure. Then, how should we reasonably control the tire pressure value? Generally speaking, the tire pressure range of mountain bikes is 35-65 PSI, and the road bicycles is 80-135 PSI (Look at the specific parameters marked on the tire). High pressure, not only may lead to puncture, but caused the rubber over-expansion that accelerated aging, thereby reducing the life of the tire. Further, the air pressure is too high, the inner rim will be subjected to very high expansion forces from the wheel. If the rim material strength is low, permanent deformation may occur! (The Carbon Bike Rims is better that other materials.) Moreover, excessive tire pressure may increase the resistance when cycling. While the pressure is too low, it will be very laborious when cycling,and increases the possibility of sharp objects into the tire. Cycling outside, repairing the tires will make you down. Within the specified pressure range, reasonably adjust the tire pressure, can bring a better cycling experience. On a flat and dry road surface, the tire pressure can be appropriately increased to reduce the contact area of the tire, resulting in lower riding resistance. On a slippery and uneven road surface, lower pressure can increase the tire touch area, grip. To ensure the stability of the cycling exercise. The same as the professional teams. To road cycling races, su...

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