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Superroad team value customer privacy,privacy is your important powers.The use of our services may involve the collection and use of your information on our service.We hope through Privacy Policy to describe how we collect,used,stored and shared customer personal information through our website(, products, and services.The Privacy Policy is closely bound up with the use of service you are,please read this Privacy Policy carefully,if necessary,follow Privacy Policy guidance and follow your heart make a correct choice.By using our service,you agree that we collect,use,store and share your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy as we described.


If you have any questions about this privacy policy,please don’t hesitate to contact us via


What Information Do We Collect


We collect,use,store and share your information,we divides 2 types,the first one is personal information and the second one is non-personal information,see below.


Personal information mean any information or combination of information that relates to you, and can be used to identify you,may include here are the types of information,as below:

  -When you leave a free consultation,leave a message or service subscription,you should be direct to provide us about your email address,full name,telephone number,whatsapp number and specification of your inquiry.

  -We may receive information about you from product return or shipment about the delivery information update from carriers.

  -When you use our services that requests information regarding your location(when you use a location-enabled service).

  -Log data:the information about what you have searched for and looked at while using our services, such as web search terms used, social media profiles visited and details of other information and content accessed or requested by you in using our services.In addition,information about when were you browse our website,your IP,and location information.


Non-Personal Information mean is any information that relates to you but from which it is not practicable to directly or indirectly identify you,including but not limited to anonymous or assumed name.

All information you submit to through our services, including but not limited to a record or complete order specifications, is maintained in a secure database.


How We Use Your Personal Information


We may use your personal information for:


-To provide our services for you.Help us improve the working efficiency for your orders and delivery.All your purchase records and personal information will store on our privacy system,including but not limited to shipping information,proforma invoice date,payment account,shipping date and tracking number.Share is not allow.

-About the B2B customers,we will not share any information for others,just back to refer it when we need double check or some issues we need to check again,to improve  our service quality.

-To help us develop our new services and improve our existing services.

-Contact with customers.It is easier to communicate with customers by mail,whatsapp,skype,or calling to order confirmation,info update or some technical communication when we have and use your personal information.Also contact you when we have news or promotions.

-We have shipment email for all of our customers once we ready to ship and after we got the tracking information,may you necessary this services.

-Base on customers browse records and data,help us analyses the customers browse preference to make our website better.


Information Security


We will only retain your personal information for the period necessary for the purpose stated in this Privacy Policy and the time limit required by laws and regulations.


We use various security technologies and procedures to prevent the loss, improper use, unauthorized reading or disclosure of information.For example, in some services, we will use encryption technology (such as SSL) to protect your personal information.However, please understand that due to technical limitations and various malicious means that may exist, in the Internet industry, even if we do our best to strengthen security measures, it is impossible to always guarantee 100% information security.




We may use cookies,log files or some similar technologies to collect, and store Information about you or relating to you. We further describe how we use cookies, log files and similar technologies in our Cookies Policy.

The purpose is to provide more personalized user experience and services,and for the following purposes:

   -Remember who you are.Cookies help us to identify you as our registered user, or to store information about your preferences or other information you provide to us.

   -Analyze your use of our services.For example, we may use cookies to understand what you are doing with our services, or which pages or services are most popular with you.

   -Advertising cookies.Cookies help us to serve you relevant advertising based on your information rather than general advertising.Advertising cookies enable the provision of relevant ads in our and third-party sites based on the data obtained from those third party cookies. Third-party advertising cookies and services, used by us, including but not limited to Google Ads, Facebook,Youtube and Ins Ads.There may be cookies set by advertisers or other partners on our products and services.Cookies may collect relevant non-personally information to analyze how users use the services, send you advertisements that you may use for the services, or affect the effectiveness of advertisements.


Change To This Privacy Policy


We reserve the right to make at our discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these privacy policy at any time. By continuing to use our services after any changes to this Privacy Policy, with or without notice from us, you are agreeing to the revised Privacy Policy.This Privacy Policy is effective as of 4 February 2022 and will remain in effect ,Superroad team keeps its privacy policy under regular review and places any update on this web page.


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