• 12K Twill Finish Carbon Fiber Rims WU45TL
    12K Twill Finish Carbon Fiber Rims WU45TL
    • April 8 ,2022

    We just introduced the carbon fiber weave for rims by our last blog(The Difference Between UD,3K,3K Twill,12K ,12K Twill and Raw Finish),maybe you know about the different carbon fiber weave with different appearance.More riders feeling strange about 12K twill finish relatives to other carbon fiber weave.So our team doing this feature article to introduce the 12K twill carbon fiber weave rims,model WU45TL. All fans must be know,all of our rims custom 12K twill finish are acceptable,not just a specially model.But the rims extra cost is 15USD/pcs. The smallest weave we provide is 3K twill,the 12K twill is the biggest weave,although the UD with the best strength,but 12K twill with very little different.You can chose the appearance you want,follow your heart.

  • Stop selling RV20T
    Stop selling RV20T
    • 2022-03-28

    Dear Customers: We regret announce that the demand for RV20T is not large, and its production cost and the cost of maintaining molds are constantly increasing, so we decided to stop offering RV20T, and the inventory has also been emptied. Thank you for your understanding and support. Superroad Team

  • MTB Shallow Series
    MTB Shallow Series
    • 2022-02-24

    Superroad 2022 new shallow section series mtb rims has come into the market.20mm deep profile enough shallow.340 gram to 370 gram enough light as well.If you want to upgrade your heavier mtb aluminum wheels to shallow section light weight mtb wheels;If you always hope the XC training with your lighter bike;Do you enjoy the moment when you doing cross country with flying general feeling.Please be careful to read the introduce of our new design mtb rims.We call them ShallowS series. Why we product development team likely the shallow section mtb design,the shallow section rims are more compliant vertically when you hit or bump the place.Deep section rims easier to bend or broken.The advantage of shallow section design that quick turning a corner and speed up,would be work faster. All the series rims hookless sidewall is 4mm,5.5mm for the hookless rim bead,thicker,higher and smooth design offer the best impact resistance when you hit or bump place,offer the great protection.33mm,35mm and 38mm outer width corresponding to 25mm,27mm and 30mm internal width,XC-MTBA293320TL and XC-MTBA293520TL with 2.1-2.7’’,the AM-MTBA293820TL recommend tire size is 2.2-2.7’’.Hookless wider design easier to mount the tires,with lower tires pressure.Don’t forget the asymmetrical,it balance the spoke tension of the both side wheels. The new ShallowS series still keep the tubeless bead lock design,seal the rims when you inflated or impacting,keep the tires base in safely.Please see the picture above. Here is 3 models details,as below: Come on Guys!

  • Clearance Carbon Rims/Wheels
    Clearance Carbon Rims/Wheels
    • 2022-02-22

    Superroad provide custom high bicycle carbon rims and carbon wheelset.For the beginning of 2022 year,we ready a clearance sales event for some of carbon rims and wheelset.The product scope mostly in carbon rims and wheelset. Statement: 1.All event products non-defective,quality the same custom business we offer. 2.Discount 15-30% compare with normal price. 3.Warranty policy NOT applicable. 4.If you want to complete wheels built by event rims,complete wheels also WITHOUT warranty. 5.Change the rims finish (Matte to Glossy) is accepted,extra cost 10USD/pcs. 6.We ship the order within 3 days after payment.(Custom wheels or change finish confirm with us before order) 7.Return package is NOT allow. The clearance carbon rims/wheelset details,as below: Road: Mountain: Gravel: Wheels:

  • Chinese New Year
    Chinese New Year
    • 2022-01-18

    Dear Customers, We are on Chinese new year holiday from 28th Jan to 7th Feb. Superroad team are happy to receive inquiries from your side,our salesman works with your inquiry during this time. All orders will ship after the holiday. Email: Tel/WhatsApp:+8613055508623 Happy new year Superroad Team

  • Shipment
    • December 8 ,2021

    Dear Customers: Due to the global spread of COVID-19, international import and export flights have significantly decreased. International flights have been reduced or even grounded, and the capacity of EMS international export parcel is unstable. Therefore, the time limit for EMS international export parcel may be extended, and the time limit for EMS international export parcel can't be promised. Recently, we don't recommend using EMS. In addition to EMS, we have UPS, Fedex,DHL and DPD for your choice. Thank you for your understanding and support. Superroad Team

  • Christmas
    • December 8 ,2021

    Dear Customers: Warm greetings and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year!  As Christmas approaches, we will launch the following activities: 1. When your order amount is more than $500, you will receive a complimentary bicycle part. 2. When your order amount is more than $5000, we can give you a 5% discount. 3. When your order amount is more than $10000, we can give you a 10% discount. The promotion date from 10th Dec to 26th Dec. Finally, we wish you happiness and prosperity. Superroad Team

  • 2022 We Have Something To Say
    2022 We Have Something To Say
    • November 9 ,2021

    How time flies! It's 6 years since Superroad founded.So as the 7 years turns,about our future,we have something to say. 1.Superroad decide to stop all e-store (Alibaba,aliexpress),also not allow anybody selling superroad product in any e-store. With the development of the e-commerce,a cut-throat price war has broken out between suppliers.On the other hand,the price raises for raw materials,factory are affected with covid-19 and power rationing,labor cost increase.We don't want to give up the quality and benefit for price war,we always feeling carbon bicycle is high-end product,guaranteed quality,at the same time, guarantee price for this market.May be you heard something about "xiamen carbon",this is a derogatory term reviews for xiamen carbon rims.The reason why "xiamen carbon" is some suppliers provide fake carbon rims for customers in order to price war and small benefit.As we know,Superroad always refuse price war,fake carbon,copy goods established in the bicycle market,the same future.The third,the e-store with expensive commission fee,not good either one. Customers will purchase our product from our official website ( or authorized distributor,we also happy more and more people join us and selling our product in every countries. 2.Frame with MOQ limted. Carbon frame different from carbon rims production,longer lead time and complicated technics with multiple processes and factors,we will accept wholesale order, MOQ 10 sets.Sample order are available,we can send the frame directly if them in stock.The lead time is over 60 days if out of stock.We are cooperate with bafang company,provide bafang engine and battery kits as well,lead time 60 days. 3.Superroad offering an extended warranty period. Keeping the 2 standard warranty policy, but with the market and customer's demand,superroad will extend warranty period for our product.Change carbon rims warranty 2 years to 3 years,extra cost is 20USD/pcs ,extend carbon wheelset warranty 2 years to 3 years is 40USD/pcs.If you willing to lifetime warranty, extra cost is 60USD/pcs for rims, 80USD/pcs for wheelset Other carbon components 1 year. The above items start effective from Jan. 15, 2022. Thank you for all your support. Superroad Team

  • Be A Dealer
    Be A Dealer
    • October 20 ,2021

    With the whole Superroad Team effort,more and more person or bicycle shop interested in cooperation with us. SUPERROAD brand wheelset sincerely seeking dealer from all over the world. We only accept 1 dealer for each country. If you hope to be part of superroad growth story,please feel free to sending your information for us. Contact Person : Gen Email Address : Tel / Whatapps : 8613055508623 Skype : ruan.huangping

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