• Chinese New Year Holiday During 25th Jan To 2th Feb
    Chinese New Year Holiday During 25th Jan To 2th Feb
    • January 26 ,2020

    Dear Customers, We are in Chinses new year holiday during 25th Jan to 2th Feb. Superroad team are happy to receive inquiry from your side,our salesmans work with your inquiry during this time. All orders(Carbon rims/carbon wheels/carbon bicycle frame) will ship after holiday. Email:  Whatsapp:+8613055508623  Happy new year Superroad Team

  • It will may ruin the tire rims when pump up casually
    It will may ruin the tire rims when pump up casually
    • January 13 ,2020

    It' not comfortable to cycle and will may ruin the tire rims when pump up casually. It's a big Knowledge that how to inflat a bicycle tire. Many cyclists buy new bicycles, whom tend to cherish them. It must scrub it "head to toe" after cyling. They treated the bicycle as their other half. However, I found that many people have cared for their bikes, while the details are not completely done. For example, some new cyclists may spend a long time on bicycle repair shop to pump up bikes, or just buy a gas cylinder at home. They don't know, it can not guarantee the comfort of cycling, And it may also cause irreversible damage to tires and rims, over time. Therefore, understanding the tire's air pressure parameters and preparing a vertical air pump with a barometer at home should be valued by every cycling enthusiast. What is PSI? Look closely at your bicycle tire, which is printed or embossed with the words xx PSI (xx is a number), which is the maximum pressure that the tire can withstand. PSI is called Pounds per square inch." P" refers to pound, "S" refers to square, "I" refers to inch. One standard atmospheric pressure is approximately equal to 14.6 PSI. What is a barometer pump? A gas cylinder with a barometer can be easily distinguished from its appearance. As long as you see a circular dial with a pointer on the regular gas tube, that's right. This dial may be connected to the gas cylinder after the nipple, showing the current value of the tire air pressure. How to use the barometer pump properly? A gas cylinder with a barometer allows us to accurately input the corresponding value of the air pressure. Then, how should we reasonably control the tire pressure value? Generally speaking, the tire pressure range of mountain bikes is 35-65 PSI, and the road bicycles is 80-135 PSI (Look at the specific parameters marked on the tire). High pressure, not only may lead to puncture, but caused the rubber over-expansion that accelerated aging, thereby reducing the life of the tire. Further, the air pressure is too high, the inner rim will be subjected to very high expansion forces from the wheel. If the rim material strength is low, permanent deformation may occur! (The Carbon Bike Rims is better that other materials.) Moreover, excessive tire pressure may increase the resistance when cycling. While the pressure is too low, it will be very laborious when cycling,and increases the possibility of sharp objects into the tire. Cycling outside, repairing the tires will make you down. Within the specified pressure range, reasonably adjust the tire pressure, can bring a better cycling experience. On a flat and dry road surface, the tire pressure can be appropriately increased to reduce the contact area of the tire, resulting in lower riding resistance. On a slippery and uneven road surface, lower pressure can increase the tire touch area, grip. To ensure the stability of the cycling exercise. The same as the professional teams. To road cycling...

  • 38mm VS 50mm Carbon Wheels
    38mm VS 50mm Carbon Wheels
    • January 2 ,2020

    There are some clients want to know the benefit of 38mm vs 50mm carbon road bike rims. 38 and 50 refer to the height of the rim - 38mm and 50mm. Although the same series of wheels, the 50mm ring version is more expensive than 38mm, but this is almost only the cost difference in material use, it does not indicate which is better.Choose a wheelset of 38mm or 50mm, depending on the specific cycling situation. In professional road cycling competitions, especially for high-level competitions, the general team will prepare at least two rim height wheels for each cyclist. The most common specifications are around 40mm and 60mm. These two rim height wheels will be replaced according to different stages. The 38mm rim height is low. In practical cycling, it is mostly used in climbing stages, such as mountain road riding. The lower rim height can bring lighter weight, and it can be effectively reduced lateral winds which can seriously affect the cyclist's ability to control the bike. In addition to affecting the results of the game, there may be danger.  At the same time, when using 38mm wheelsets, the team will provide the cyclists with a lighter, comprehensive frame suitable for climbing. The 50mm rim height is more high, and it is mostly used in the flat road stage - the biggest advantage brought by the high rim is that it has a stronger ability to break the wind. In the road cycling competition on the flat stage, the cyclists' wheelsets are almost 50mm or even 60mm, and with the perfect aerodynamic design of the pneumatic frame. Although the weight is increased compared to the climbing vehicle. The advantage it brings to reduce air resistance is far greater than the weight loss. Therefore, although the price of the same series 38mm rim will be lower than 50mm, this does not mean that 50mm will be better than the 38mm rim, depending on the specific situation if you only take a flat road ride, 50mm wheelsets will bring you even higher speed. If you like to climb mountains, the 38mm wheelset is more suitable for you.  Of course, if the budget is sufficient, you can buy two kinds of wheels, each pair will be replaced at any time.

  • Shipment
    • December 4 ,2019

    1. What is the delivery time? In stock 2-3days, General order (OEM) 15-18 days, Bulk order please confirm with us. 2. Shipping method? Shipping by EMS or DHL for general order, bulk order suggest ship by Ocean Freight, but it need long time for ship. 3. Which countries do you send to? All over the world. 4. What is parts in the wheels package? Skewer, spare spokes, brake pad and rim tape. disc brake wheels is not incl brake pad. 5. Tax (1) Shipping by DPD avoid tax. (2)We can write lower invoice for custom.

  • Payment Method
    Payment Method
    • November 26 ,2019

    You can pay through Paypal, Bank Transfer, T/T, Credit Card, West Union. PayPal 1.   4.5% PayPal fee needed. Please make sure you input the correct account to prevent payment failure or issues occur. Bank/Wire Transfer There will be 1% bank fee added to your order. The fee from your bank will vary. Western Union 1.   NO BANK FEE REQUIRED 2.   Account information Please send us the following information after you make the money transfer: 1.   Remitter (Both Family Name and Given Name) 2.   Payment amount

  • Clincher vs Tubular vs Tubeless How to Chooes?
    Clincher vs Tubular vs Tubeless How to Chooes?
    • November 25 ,2019

    Pneumatic bicycle tire has gone through 100 years of history. Dunlop has made an important contribution to this invention, so that the company's founder John Boyd Dunlop were often considered to be the ancestor of the tire. Dunlop Tire Company commercialized the invention and applied for the patent. The history of pneumatic tires is inseparable from some well-known names, such as Michelin or Clément, and the brand "Clincher" of Beiying Rubber Company directly affects the name of modern clincher tires, even though the tires at the time are not the same as the current ones. It's the biggest challenge of early tires that how to properly and reliably fix them on the rims. It's is a very effective way to bond to the rims in the past, and there are also other fixed ways, such as hook-shaped rims, wire pull-ups, etc. However, these methods are too complicated. Eventually, the Clincher, Tubeless and tubular have became the most mainstream form. Even though, it is still fierce debate advantage for different tire performance. The ideal tire: The ideal bicycle tires are light in weight, good in stab resistance, excellent grip, long-lasting, reasonably priced, low rolling resistance and comfortable. However, these are ideals. In reality, many elements are mutually exclusive. In the current technical background, ultra-light tires do not have very good anti-puncture capabilities, we have to compromise on one or more performances in many times. It depending on our actual needs. Many people regard the tire as a static structure with a single function - a rubber tube that contains gas, but there are many factors on the road that act on the tire. In fact, the tire is dynamic and constantly changing shape to adapt to road changes, wheel angle and the weight of rider. For this reason, the flexibility of the tires is very valuable feature, when the wheels rolling on the ground, the soft tire easier to fit and rebound. It's grip, rolling resistance and overall are better. The choice of materials largely determines the final weight, softness and durability. Lightweight materials are often used to produce high-speed tires with low rolling resistance and soft surfaces. However their puncture resistance is not strong, easy to wear and expensive. Heavy materials enhance puncture resistance, wear and cost reduction. But have higher rolling resistance and the comfort is reduced. These principles also apply to clincher tires, tubeless tires or tubular tires. Similarity: 1. All three tires include a woven outer casing that encloses the air chamber and it's covered with a rubber tread. 2. Use the same material or manufacturing process. 3. The appearance is similar after installation on the bike wheelset. 4. All three tires can be designed for different riding habits, performance, price and usage scenarios. In contrast, the difference between the three types of tires becomes simple – how to form and house the air chamber. For the tubular tire, the air chamber is completely enclo...

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