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Wheel Development And Evolution
- Jun 07, 2018 -

It is a kind of "lightness" originally invented by people. Its characteristic is that it slides on the ground by means of a slide bar. It was still very difficult to pick up such a skid on a wilderness hill with almost no road at the time. One day, with the wind blowing, it was found that under the blow of the wind, the sleek stones or logs rolled faster than anything else. This natural phenomenon has given people a lot of inspiration. People use a stone axe to shorten the round wood, cut a round hole in the middle of the cut-off logs, and put a thin stick in the hole to put them in a hole. connect them. In this way, a roller skid was successfully manufactured, and dragging with it was much quicker than in the past. This kind of roller appeared around 2000 BC. When this kind of roller is used to ship too heavy items, it will be cracked. Therefore, people later thought that such wheels were covered with copper hoops or iron hoops. According to legend, approximately 3,000 BC, Central Asia had already used a wheeled car, but at that time the well-developed Egypt did not know that it was still using rollerwood to haul cargoes. In 1600 BC, in the north of Hexo, The Sri Lankans attacked Egypt with a marathon chariot and surprised the Egyptians. Since then, Egyptians have also started to use wheeled vehicles. The spokes and rims were first used to reinforce the wheels. But at the time, they were still wooden. Later, with the advent of steel, wooden wheels developed into steel wheels, plus rubber tires, filled with air, and the wheels became more and more perfect.

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