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- Jun 07, 2018 -

Wheels are gradually discovered by humans in the practice of carrying things. In the primitive society, human ancestors lived by collecting and hunting. At the beginning, the food they got was limited and could easily be brought back with them. Then somebody came up with the idea of picking up a few broken branches from the ground, connecting them together with vines, and then putting the prey on it, grabbing two long branches with both hands and dragging them away. The shoulders are lighter and more light. Also think of using a wooden stick, one end on the shoulders, the other end on the ground, the weight hanging in the middle of the wooden stick to pull away, which is more than hand-saving effort. The man put two sticks side by side, with a cloth in the middle, holding two sticks in both hands, and dragging the other end on the ground. The above-mentioned ones are people's original invented "light buzzwords", which are characterized by sliding on the ground with the slide bar.

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