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What's The Difference Between Fiber Weaves UD, 3K And 12K?
- Jun 07, 2018 -

图片1.pngAs most of the people think it's only for the surface 'cosmetic' layer and won't have any effects on the performance of the rims.But i will let you know the what is the between fiber weaves,as below:

Weave of UD(Uni-Directional):The advantage of UD weave is strength ,creates a very strong structure for the rims.So UD weave is more popular the market.

Weave of 3K: There are 3,000 filaments per "tow",so call it 3K.If you need drill a large holes in the rims,3k is better than UD weave,because 3k weave is not as brittle as the UD.it has not compromised the strength of the entire structure.

Weave of 12K: There are 12,000 filaments per "tow",so call it 12K. The stiffness and strength are indicated by other weave,but more heavier.

3k Kevlar is our new design since 2017,it is made your wheels more colorful.

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