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Vehicle Type
- Jun 07, 2018 -

 general mountain bike

The most characteristic feature of a typical mountain bike mountain bike is its excellent front fork shock absorber and high quality body made of steel, aluminum alloy or carbon fiber. In fact, this type of mountain bike has many characteristics that the knights desire. This kind of car is usually durable and will not bring you maintenance trouble for many years. A mountain bike that is normally riding does not care much about the weight of the bicycle itself, so its body structure is very strong. However, it is not impossible to go in the direction of lightweight. Lightweight steel or aluminum or carbon fiber body can make the weight of the entire vehicle lighter, but generally speaking, unless it is a professional race for competition purposes. In mountain bikes, the weight of the car itself is less important.

 full damping mountain bike

The purpose of initially installing the damping system on mountain bikes was mainly to deal with collisions during downhill competitions. The latest full-size shock-absorbing mountain bikes are made according to the conditions of strong and comfortable. They don't feel tired when riding in the car all day long, so the shock-absorbing mountain bike is the most comfortable mountain bike. Fully shock-absorbing mountain bikes are not limited to downhill races. The difference is that if this mountain bike is used for downhill racing, all parts except for full shock absorption are designed to be suitable for downhill racing. It was designed with a heavy impact during the race, so its weight would be about 10 pounds (4-5kg) heavier than a normal shock-absorbing mountain bike. On the premise of comfort, you will choose a fully shock-absorbing mountain bike to participate in any kind of activity, but one thing you must remember is that you add a shock absorber to the cross-country mountaineering that professional players ride. In order to win, the car chooses to be lighter and can get more efficient equipment. In the design of off-road mountain bikes, it is the special situation that the slope can climb faster and better, and does not care much about downhill slopes or rough roads. Pro-level mountain bikes are quite light, and sometimes even the front shock absorbers are usually under 23 pounds (10.5 kg).

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