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Tire Manufacturing Process
- Jun 01, 2018 -

1: Michelin C3M technology

Command+Control+Communication & Manufacture, proposed translation: command, control, communications and manufacturing integration system.

C3M has the following five technical points: 1 continuous low-temperature mixing; 2 directly out of the rubber parts; 3 weaving / winding skeleton layer on the drum; 4 pre-cured ring-shaped tread; 5 tire electric vulcanization.

C3M's key equipment is special weaving machines and extruders. C3M technology can be realized by taking the forming drum as the core and rationally configuring the special weaving units and extrusion units. The special weaving machine weaves the jointless annular carcass ply and belt around the forming drum, and wraps the steel wire around the forming drum to obtain the traveler. The extrusion unit continuously mixes the rubber at a low temperature (below 90°C) and presses out the sidewalls, aprons and other rubber parts.

2: Continental MMP Technology

The full name of MMP: Modular Manufacturing Process; proposed translation: building block method.

As we all know, the traditional tire production process consists of four major processes: 1 plastic/mixing; 2 calendering and extrusion; 3 molding; 4 vulcanization. The existing tire factory, except that part of the process through the purchase of finished rubber mix and save the first process, most of the above four processes are all available.

MMP breaks the four complete operating procedures of traditional tire factories and divides the four processes into two large blocks. The first block includes the first process of the traditional process (plastic/mixing), the second process (calendering and extrusion) and the first half of the third process (carcass molding). The second block includes the traditional process. The second half of the third process (ply-ply, upper tread) and fourth process (vulcanization); the factory performing the first production task is called "platform" and executes the second production task The factory is called "Satellite Factory". The platform is responsible for the production of the basic tire components and pre-assembly. The satellite plant is responsible for the overall assembly and completes the final vulcanization of the tire manufacturing process. Usually, a single platform can be equipped with multiple satellite plants to form a radiating network.

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