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The Wheel Group Said: The Carbon Road Wheel Set Is Easy To Wear, Is It Changed Or Repaired?
- Oct 23, 2018 -

The wheel group said: the carbon road wheel set is easy to wear, is it changed or repaired?

The load brings deformation, and the deformation increases fatigue.

According to the perimeter of a standard 700C carbon road wheel set, each one-kilometer wheel set rotates about 500 turns. During the rotation, the wheel is continuously compressed and deformed under the action of the rider's weight. This radial direction (vertical direction) The load will cause long-term damage to the wheel and cause material fatigue. The lateral load (left and right direction) also causes the wheel to wear, and the force of the pedaling of each foot will transfer from each other to the sides of the bicycle. When the bicycle is slammed violently (such as when sprinting or climbing), the lateral load is at a maximum. The transmission system components on the rear wheels also add extra load, so the entire load bearing of the lateral load, the spokes, is subjected to frequent loading-unloading-loading-unloading processes, which exacerbates material fatigue.

Before the spokes actually break, it is difficult to see the signs ahead of time. The breakage of the wheel parts depends on the design of the wheel, the material and the riding style. The use of heavy taste will accelerate the fatigue of the material. There is only one remedy for spoke damage, replacement

The brakes are not only the speed but also the brakes.

However, while the spokes are fatigued and damaged, there is another part that is worthy of attention. It is the brake side. Nowadays, the disc brakes of the road are in the ascendant. The traditional clamps still occupy most of the country. Under long-term use, the brake pads are constantly worn. The brake side of the rim slowly erodes the paint and the brakes. The wear on the brakes is as delicate as the aging of the spokes. If the brakes are painted or anodized, you may notice the paint that is caused by the wear. If you notice that the black spots that are marked by the brakes are gradually exposed, then It shows that the wear has begun to deepen.

If you see a dent in the brakes, this already represents a considerable amount of wear. These phenomena will appear for the first time in a few months after the wheel is used, and ride for a year or more depending on the ride strength of each person. Further revealed after the time. The mixture of rain and debris will also accelerate the wear of the brake rim of the rim. Although the use of composite brake rubber can slow down the process, the real problem is to replace the disc brake.

For riders who use conventional clamps, it is very important to check the brakes on the rim. When you feel your fingers on the brakes, you can feel the so-called concave surface. The thickness of the brakes on the wheels is usually about 2 mm. If it exceeds a certain level, it will lead to the failure of the part of the wheel set and the tire casing. If it is a puncture, it will be heavy... you know. Therefore, in many cases, the aluminum alloy rim will have a black dot on the brake side to indicate the degree of wear. When the brake edge wears to the black point, it means that the wheel set should be replaced, but the carbon fiber rim does not have such a Design, so you can only pay attention to the owner himself.

Don't forget that there are bearings on the wheels.

The hub and the bearing are also subject to wear and tear, the biggest threat being the accumulation of dirt and debris, as well as the intrusion of water. The former will wear balls or Palin, while the latter will rust them. Regular maintenance of the hub can extend the life of the bearing, but the renewal is a life-long, if there is a problem, it is safer to replace the new bearing.

If there is a small lateral deformation of the wheel, the wheel can be re-tensioned by tightening the spokes, but this will break the original equilibrium tension, apply additional pressure to the individual spokes, and may sacrifice the overall balance. In contrast, radial deformation cannot be repaired by strained spokes.

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