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What Is The Difference Between The Road Wheel Set?
- Nov 23, 2018 -

What is the difference between the road wheel set?


The weight of the wheel sets the weight of the car, and the weight of the wheel set is even heavier than the frame. To set up a lightweight road bike, the first consideration should be the wheel set. And the weight and design of the wheel set not only makes the weight more important, but also the efficiency and quality of riding.

The design of the wheel set is always lighter and better, reducing the thickness of the strip (material and process), reducing the air rotation (aerodynamics) on the spokes, but still need to maintain the strength and stability of the wheel, even manufacturers Thinking about connecting the rims and hubs with new technology.

Which kind of rim can have a relatively small drag coefficient and a lighter weight? Should the wind resistance or weight be the main consideration when choosing? The selection of the factory to match the good wheel set, or the special needs to choose the hub, spokes, wheel frame (rim)?

The key to the impact of weight acceleration: the distribution of quality

Experiments have shown that the more concentrated the weight of the wheel is on the hub, the faster the wheel accelerates. Although lightweighting is still the key to acceleration, Tour Magazine's experimental test Spinergy Spox (683 g / 914 g) has a good mass distribution, and the lighter weight Supermario (670 g / 798 g) is not inferior to acceleration.

(The best performance is the light weight full carbon fiber wheelset of the control group), Tour uses the computer simulation wheel set to accelerate the performance in the sprint sprint, the test is measured at a distance of 250 meters, the lightweight wheel set, the wheel weighing 550g The group is 1.15 meters faster.

In addition to accelerating the reaction, the weight is also affected by the manipulation, the lighter the front wheel, the more unstable the control. During the test, the Cavaliers can feel the driving experience caused by the different wheels.

In addition to the wheel set, a major factor affecting the weight of the wheel set is the tire. (There should be no one who does not wear tires on the road), the weight of the tires accelerates very much. (As mentioned earlier, the weight of the road wheel affects the acceleration. The more concentrated the mass is, the better the acceleration is. The weight of the tire will greatly affect the weight of the wheel.)

Wind resistance

The low drag coefficient determines the speed. When the speed is higher than 35km/h, the drag coefficient will be the only factor that determines the speed. (This is also the factor for many players to choose the wheel)

Even if the weight of the wheel set is heavier, the higher drag coefficient consumes 2.3% more energy. When the speed is 45 km/h, the Rolf (811 g/1020 g) wheel is heavier than Spox (683 g/914 g), but Can lead 0.603 meters. In the absence of wind on a flat road, the wind resistance will determine the speed. This is why many manufacturers use specially shaped spokes or reduce the number of spokes.

When riding in the mountains, the weight is king. The effect of weight is much greater than the distribution of wind resistance and mass. Even with small weight differences, there will be a large gap in performance. Rolf (811 g/1020 g), Spox (683 g / 914 g), spox with a weight advantage of 234 g, at 5 km, 10% uphill, can reach 10 meters (2.84 seconds) lead

Side rigidity value and torsional rigidity

Side stiffness is related to spoke tension. The greater the spoke tension, the greater the bearing capacity of the wheel. In corners and rugged roads, the good value of the rigidity of the side of the wheelset is only seen.

Torsional rigidity is loudest at the start

The key to the torsional stiffness is the arrangement of the spokes, not the tension of the spokes. The flanges on both sides of the hub can simultaneously convey the torsion, and the wheels are stiffer when they start to accelerate. The more the spokes are distributed, the smaller the burden on the spokes.

Therefore, the spokes should be installed on both sides, and as far as possible from the hub to the rim, tangentially radiated. The torque is most evenly distributed to the spokes on both sides, which is the focus of the design, comfort and service life during riding

Wheel durability

Light weight and durability are often dilemmas, sometimes for the practical considerations of the wheel set (durable), weight is a necessary evil (the first consideration of the efficiency of the competition wheel set, not necessarily suitable for general use)

Use the wheel set that suits you

Run fast (small wind resistance), run far (good quality distribution), climb high (light weight), price, durability, ease of use (tube, open tire)

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