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The Difference Between Gravel And Gravel
- Jun 01, 2018 -

For the average consumer, it is difficult to access the stone at ordinary times and it is not very clear about the classification. It is difficult to distinguish the difference between gravel and gravel and the difference between pebble and gravel. These three kinds are all stones, but they are different stones. They have different characteristics and different uses. They are often used in construction projects. They are very good aggregates. The difference between gravel and gravel, and the difference between pebble and gravel also determine The market price of three kinds of stone is high and low.

Conceptually distinguish between gravel and gravel

The first impression of gravel is relatively small, a bit disorganized, and gravel tends to be reminiscent of water or rivers. If the difference between gravel and gravel is conceptually distinguished, they are better divided than the difference between gravel and pebbles, because gravel tends to have sharp edges and corners, mostly broken by weathering stones. Produced in the mountains; while gravel is a stone without edges and corners. It is a stone that has been polished by the waves for a long time. It is produced in rivers. Do not need to carefully compare, only need to see if the stone is angular, you can tell what kind of stone.

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