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Mountain Bike Sports Overview
- Jun 07, 2018 -

The mountain bike is a bicycle designed for walking on off-road (hills, trails, fields, sandy gravel roads, etc.). It was born in San Francisco on the West Coast in 1977. At that time, a group of young people who were keen to ride a beach bike to play on the slopes of the hill suddenly had a whim: “If you can ride a bike and descend from a hill, it must be very interesting.”

So the design of the off-road bicycle began, and the official name for the mountain bike was two years later. Since then, the “swimming down competition” has emerged as a new item in sports competitions. Athletes ride mountain bikes downhill at a high speed along the prescribed downhill route, and those with fast speeds win and attract many fans. Although bicycles began in Europe, the mountain bikes that Americans invented swept away the concept of traditional bicycles and blew a new wind throughout the world.

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