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Mountain Bike Development
- Jun 07, 2018 -

In mountain bike cycling, French players have developed into a new force in today’s international competitions, and other champions such as the United States and Australia have become leaders in this sport. France first triumphed in the Downhill Event this year. Drivers N.Vouilloz and Gachot won the men's downhill championship and runner-up respectively. Women's Downhill Race, A.C.Chauss

() On the other hand, France won another title for the juvenile team. It's worth noting that the time she won in this category was even faster than the record made by the senior players. The strength in downhill projects is very strong. In the cross-country event, B.Brentjens in the Netherlands pressed the group to become the men's team champion, and the women's team won the Canadian women's cavalier A.Sydor. This group of newly crowned world “King of the Mountain Road” will face a greater challenge next year after conquering Germany’s Black Forest. The mountain bike has been formally approved by the International Olympic Committee and has been in Atlanta in 1996. The first appearance of the Olympic Games as a competition project.

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