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Is The Carbon MTB Wheel Set To Use A Hidden Hole Or An External Hole?
- Sep 25, 2018 -

Is the carbon MTB wheel set to use a hidden hole or an external hole?

Carbon MTB wheels are to see this title with hidden holes or external holes. Everyone is thinking that this is a tangled topic right? Indeed, is it true that our carbon MTB wheels should be better with a hidden spoke cap or an external cap? Our small editors have also specially compiled some small ideas. Of course, these statements are only representative of some individuals and cannot be agreed by all.

The current combination of spokes and caps is becoming more and more popular.

The main advantages are:

1. The spoke cap is hidden, which can improve the appearance, cleanliness and more aerodynamics. 2. The sleeve type spoke wrench completely grasps the hidden spoke cap to minimize the possible damage. 3. The rim spoke hole is relatively The carbon fiber rim is much smaller overall, but the composite itself is best to minimize the integrity of the ring, so as to maximize the strength of the entire carbon fiber rim. 4. The concealed spoke cap supports very tight spokes, just like normal screws and nuts, then the traditional external spoke cap under the action of tension may rupture and fall out of the rim, but hidden The cap does not have such a rupture, and the concealed type significantly improves the likelihood of the aluminum cap rupturing weaker than the copper cap. The disadvantages are as follows: 1. When your wheel set needs to be calibrated or replaced, the tire or tube must be removed. 2. Some concealed cap wheels in the harsh weather seem to be easy to inhale more water. However, it is important to remember that most of the water enters the wheel frame from the nozzle hole. If you want to seal the wheel frame, you can first put a rubber ring on the nut of the valve or add some sealing compound.

Xiaobian takes the experience of our factory often doing carbon fiber rims. In fact, the more realistic thing we can experience is that the weight of the hidden hole will definitely be heavier than the weight of the external hole. The requirements are very strict. For example, the 50-high tube tire must be within 360g. So we also tried to do it. It can be done with normal holes. Later, the customer changed the order to a hidden hole, and the result was found after receiving the goods. The weight is more than 360g, in fact, because the hole of the hidden hole is very small, so the consumption of the hole is less, and the weight will of course be heavier.

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