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Teach You Not To Take A Detour, Choose The Most Suitable Wheel Set
- Nov 13, 2018 -

Teach you not to take a detour, choose the most suitable wheel set

Because in different routes, the use of different frame height, functional wheel sets, can bring more benefits and fun for riding, many riders at the end of the year, the most want to change is the wheel set.

The reason why the riders want to change the wheel set, some people want to experience different riding feelings, others want to upgrade their car, or to improve their performance, etc., without changing the frame, change The wheel set can be said to be the biggest change in the performance of the entire road car!

But the wheels of the road bikes are so diverse that people are dazzled. So how do you choose so many wheel sets? Xiaobian comes to the trick!

At present, the road wheel groups on the market are mainly divided into three categories: pneumatic wheel sets (for flat roads), climbing wheel sets and integrated use wheels.

1, pneumatic wheel set

The most intuitive feature is "high frame + fat circle", or even "fully enclosed", which looks domineering, and the performance is characterized by small windward wind resistance, good cruising performance and good stability, but due to its heavier weight, acceleration And the climbing performance is relatively weak.

Theoretically, under the same conditions, the higher the frame height of the wheel set, the shorter the length of the spoke, the higher the rigidity, the smaller the area of the spoke cutting wind during the running, and the better the aerodynamic performance. At the same time, due to the design of the high frame and the fat circle, the airflow is moved through the frame height, and the actual distance is further, so that the air flow is faster on the surface of the wheel frame, the pressure is lower, and the wind resistance is smaller. However, because the wheel frame is higher, the material used is increased, the weight is heavier, the inertia is larger, the speed is easier to maintain when traveling, and the stability is good; and when climbing and accelerating, it means that it is more difficult to change the speed of the wheel frame. The intuitive feeling is that the reaction is blunt.

Generally, the frame height of the pneumatic wheel set is above 50mm, which has certain requirements on the leg force, and is usually not suitable for climbing long slopes and steep slopes. Large group of road wheel sets usually use a frame height of 50mm-65mm. If you occasionally climb the slope, it is recommended to select a wheel set with a frame height of about 50mm. The iron three-wheeled car and the timed car usually use 60mm or more, or even the whole. Closed plate wheel. In addition, there is an exception. For heavy-duty riders, it is also recommended to use a more rigid pneumatic wheel set. If the weight is close to 100kg, the relatively high rigidity of the frame with a frame height of more than 60mm may be more Good choice, don't consider the climbing wheel set.

▲Pneumatic wheel set (ZIPP NSW 404)

2, climbing wheel set

The most obvious feature is "low frame + lightweight", the performance is characterized by accelerated response, but poor cruise performance, relatively large wind resistance, relatively low speed stability, and it seems to be lower. Due to the lower wheel frame, the climbing wheel set can have a more advantageous wheel frame drive position, and the weight is lower and the acceleration is fascinating.

Generally, the frame height of the climbing wheel set is below 35mm, and the pursuit of ultimate weight reduction and required rigidity, a pair of ultra-light climbing wheel sets can even reach less than 1kg. It is more suitable for the purpose of climbing long slopes and steep slopes. Of course, it is also possible for the riders who are not very good in leg strength to climb to the top when climbing. Due to the lack of cruising and stability of the climbing wheel set, it is generally recommended to consider the second pair of wheels, unless the purpose of your ride is to climb the slope.

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 3. Comprehensive use wheel set

It is a product between the pneumatic wheel set and the climbing wheel set. The most obvious feature can only be described as “harmony”. Usually the frame height is between 38mm and 50mm, and the aluminum alloy wheel set is another matter.

Due to the design and positioning of all aspects, it is between the pneumatic wheel set and the climbing wheel set. Its performance is also between the two. It is very suitable for the undulating road with small slope, and it is also aerodynamic, stable and Climbing and other aspects will not be too bad, it can be said that it is suitable for everyone's wheel. For riders who are only ready to buy a pair of wheels, the comprehensive wheel set is the best choice. After all, the routes you might ride are very diverse.

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