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How To Choose A Road Wheel Wheelset
- Oct 18, 2018 -

How to choose a road wheel wheelset?

  Competition, long-distance, windbreaking, off-road, and road vehicles are becoming more and more widely used. Accordingly, wheel sets are also available in various types. First determine what type of rider you are, so that you can easily know which type of wheel you want.

 Climbing wheel set

The moment of inertia (mainly the weight of the rim) is most noticeable when you climb the slope, so a pair of wheels suitable for climbing often have a very low frame height (lower rim weight). This type of wheel set tends to have a very low frame height and a small number of spokes.

The climbing wheel set has a good riding experience, the higher the frame height, the harder it is to ride - so the climbing wheel set is more widely used. Generally, the weight of the climbing wheel set should be less than 1500g. When the budget is no longer considered, the weight of the ultra-light climbing wheel set can be reduced to 900g to 1300g.

Middle frame aerodynamic wheel

 As the name suggests, this type of wheel set generally has a relatively high frame height, generally above 30mm. In recent years, with the maturity of aerodynamic design, the middle frame wheel set has a huge improvement - both to maintain a good aerodynamic effect, but also to achieve perfection in lightweight.

In addition, in order to reduce weight, aerodynamic rims are usually made of carbon fiber. However, if the budget is insufficient, it may be made of aluminum alloy, which will be very heavy.

High frame aerodynamic wheelset

High frame wheel sets provide excellent aerodynamic effects, but only at faster speeds

 When the speed is prioritized, the wheel set of 50 mm or higher has a lower airflow disturbance. But as the frame height increases, you will have more trouble in the cross wind route and also increase the weight. This is why the middle frame wheel group is also popular in outdoor time trials and sprints.

In addition, riders who use high-frame wheel sets often have their own training wheel set for outdoor riding.

Training wheel set

While speed and weight are essential to the race wheel set, you must have a rugged set of daily training wheels. Wheels are worn out as they continue to brake, so training wheels are usually the best. In addition, when you need to change the rim or spokes, the self-made wheel set is relatively cheaper. Another consideration is the budget. Brand wheels can also be quite durable and sometimes not so expensive.

For this type of wheelset, the price of the wheel between 1500g and 1800g is relatively high. If the budget is limited, then the wheel weight will be 1900g or more.

Gravel, off-road, long-distance wheel set

When the trend of CX style (road bike off-road) swept through, when the country road, when the gravel mud road becomes a paradise for you to ride a road bike, you need a wheel set with this function. It's strong enough, it's also easy to repair, it needs more spokes, it makes you fearless at CX.


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