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How To Choose A Cost-effective Mountain Bike Wheel?
- Dec 12, 2018 -
88mm-carbon-wheelset.jpgWhat are the goals we pursue in cycling? Probably inseparable from fitness, mobility, self-motivation, etc. Different people may pursue different pursuits, but there is a common premise: safety.

There are many factors in determining the quality of a bicycle. The wheel set is an important part of determining the pros and cons of a bicycle and is of concern to almost all drivers. So, as a more professional driver or my fan, how to choose the wheel that suits you in many brand wheels?

Here we do not talk too esoteric theory, only the simplest description of the strength and performance of the most basic components of the wheel, for the reference of friends who need to know.

First, the flower drum:

The hub is the core of the entire wheel set. Whether the wheel set is smooth, whether it is easy to ride and smooth, and the service life is long-lasting, the drum plays a decisive role. At present, the market is generally the first two after four Palin, from the digital, this is enough to meet the actual use, but its position, structure, size, size tolerance of the Palin position, etc., but very knowledgeable, do not blindly believe As long as there are four before and after the second Palin! To put it simply, an ordinary Palin is less than two yuan in RMB, and a better Palin may be twenty or thirty. As for some of the cottage version of the drums, Wu Peizhi said that it is just a matter of using the numbers to be unprofessional. Those who put two relatively thick Palin spaces deliberately put three relatively thin Palin, the consequences are nothing to say.

There is another key that has to be said - the so-called sounds and loud numbers, it is very boring that there are still many drivers who are still pursuing more loud numbers and louder sounds. I just want to say a few words simply: the louder the louder The easier it is to wear, the shorter the service life; the more the number of rings, the lower the tooth peak is, the easier it is to jump the teeth, or the pawl group drive, and the single set of pawls are easily damaged. In short, it is not necessarily good to have a lot of noise and loud noise.

Second, the rim:

Before and after the wheel components, the rear wheel set is the drive wheel, the front wheel is the steering wheel and the passive wheel, the division of labor is different, whether the trajectory of the bicycle is listening to your call, the circle of the wheel is not round, soft and not soft, hard and hard is the key . The combination of rims, such as tip knots, knots, and welds, varies greatly in strength; whether the surface is polished, whether it is an anode or painted or dyed, etc., has a direct relationship with the appearance and resistance to oxidation or corrosion, and the cost is prevalent. do not.

Third, spokes:

The spokes are the link between the ring and the hub. The tension and elasticity it can withstand determine the stability and rigidity of the entire wheel set, but it is generally unclear from the surface. The material can be divided into S45C, stainless steel, and imported and domestic. The surface treatment is ED, black, etc. The cost is quite different. Simply put, the price of an ordinary S45C iron bar may be two cents, and a stainless steel bar may It is 10 blocks, and it is far from the best.

The above is just a simple explanation from the three most important parts. Of course, the composition of a professional wheel set is by no means a simple three-fold combination. Their combination has a deeper technical content, which will not be described here.

So, what kind of wheel do you want to choose for your car? If a set of wheels is not only not careful, but the combination is just a simple superposition, the price may be very impressed, but such a wheel change If you don't change it, the difference is not great. Therefore, when selecting a bicycle wheel set, it must be considered in combination with all aspects of the accessory parameters and safety.

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