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How Should The Bicycle Knowledge Bicycle Carbon Wheel Vs Aluminum Wheel Be Selected?
- Nov 30, 2018 -

On the road of triathlon self-breaking, there is never an end, not only to train more powerful physical fitness, but also to constantly upgrade accessories for the car. Through the combination of materials and new aerodynamic design, we can continue to make us faster.

I bought a good frame, of course, with a good set of wheels. Upgrading the wheel set is one of the most effective ways to increase speed and optimize ride. The wheel set is the most direct part of the bicycle that touches the ground. It is indeed worth investing a sum of money.

Each of the models on the market now has its own characteristics to suit different riding needs: for example, climbing, time trials, road races, etc. However, regardless of the classification of the wheel sets, the two most mainstream materials are aluminum alloy and carbon fiber.

So, whether you want to try a bike or a triathlon, the first thing you should consider when buying a wheel is: How to choose a carbon wheel vs. aluminum wheel?

Characteristics of aluminum alloy wheel sets

Aluminum alloy is currently the most popular wheel material. It has the characteristics of easy production and easy maintenance. It also makes the aluminum wheel the standard wheel set for the entry model. Maybe you bought the aluminum wheel when you bought the car a few years ago.

Basically, the frame height of the aluminum wheel is relatively low, which means that when you go out to ride a bicycle half-way puncture, the inner tube that is replaced can be no problem regardless of the length of the mouth. From the producer's point of view, it is relatively simple to manufacture aluminum wheels – free to choose the frame, the spokes and the hub – so you can provide a variety of aluminum wheels for the needs of the rider, including the most intimate entry wheel. group.

However, the aluminum wheel is not all-in-one. Compared with the carbon wheel, it is not only competitive in terms of lightweight, but also greatly eclipsed in the aerodynamics. Therefore, the aluminum wheel is affixed "relatively slow". label.

Carbon fiber wheel set features

Choosing a high carbon fiber wheel set is more aerodynamic and lighter and faster. However, since the carbon fiber frame is manually laminated and carbon fiber cloth, and is shaped and heated, the flexibility in selecting the web and the flower drum is relatively limited, thereby increasing the difficulty in the process and maintenance. This also makes it possible that the possibility of repair is almost zero once the carbon fiber frame is damaged.

Even if the carbon fiber wheel has innate problems that are not easy to repair, but it is light and fast, it is an unparalleled advantage, so the rider is still the best choice when upgrading the wheel set.

Simply put, the carbon wheel is exchanged well, and there is no trouble in speeding up.

The fly in the ointment is that because the carbon wheel needs to develop a dedicated mold in the production process, its manufacturing cost is naturally much higher than that of the aluminum wheel, so the price is not enough for the people.

Now that you have a general understanding of the characteristics of carbon and aluminum wheels, it is a matter of opinion about how you choose. After all, it depends on your riding style and upgrade requirements.

What is certain is that changing a good set of wheels is the most sensible upgrade in the bike, while optimizing the equipment performance and riding experience.

In addition, it is undeniable that good rounds are usually better, so that you are more confident in dealing with unknown road conditions. This is more or less a placebo effect, and not the other dimensions of life. To this end, it is not wrong to invest more money to buy a group of carbon wheels.

The aluminum wheel has always been a good and inexpensive feature, it is suitable for casual riding. However, if it is an iron man who is constantly pursuing breakthroughs, the carbon wheel is not only light and fast, but also has a light and direct road feeling. For a better aerodynamic advantage, the high-frame carbon wheel allows you to ride faster; but in contrast, because the frame height is higher and more susceptible to crosswinds, the rider needs better handling skills to control it.

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