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Cycling Tire History
- Jun 01, 2018 -

At this time, the rubber tire was still solid, and it was still uncomfortable to walk on and it was very noisy. Until 1845, R.w. Thomson, a Scottish-trained civil engineer, invented the pneumatic tyres, and he obtained the British government's patent on the subject of "The wheel of carriages and other vehicles." In December 10th the same year, the first pneumatic tire was born. The first person to buy a pneumatic tire was named Rowe, an aristocrat. The total price of the four tires was 42 lbs. two shillings. In 1847, "Science USA" magazine introduced Thomson's pneumatic tires, calling it an epoch-making improvement. However, at that time, the United Kingdom paid too much attention to traditional gentrification. In order to protect carriages and limit the development of steam cars, the speed of automobiles was limited to 2 mph (about 3.2 km) in the urban areas and 4 mile (about 6.4 km) in the suburbs. In this way, Thomson's invention had no market, so it was slowly forgotten. In other words, Thomson's first tire revolution did not bring the same light to the human eye, because the darkness that mankind should endure seems to have not yet reached the end. But the sun always came out, because humans and everything needed it. For more than 40 years later, in 1888, a veterinarian's medical grandmaster, J.B. Dunlop, patented a pneumatic tire. At the time, J.B. Dunlop’s 10-year-old son, Johnny, bought a three-wheeled bicycle, but because the tires were all solid tires made of hard rubber, they were not walking on a rocky road. Comfortable, his son's complaint inspired Mr. Dunlop's inspiration, so the pneumatic tire that had been forgotten for more than 40 years was once again available. With the progress of the times, the pneumatic tires invented by Mr. Dunlop soon got its application on bicycles and quickly moved into the automobile field, making a great contribution to the development of the world automobile industry.

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