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Bicycle Main Accessories
- Jun 07, 2018 -


The frame components constitute the basic structure of the bicycle, but also the skeleton and main body of the bicycle, and other components are also directly or indirectly mounted on the frame. There are many structural forms of frame components, but they can be divided into two broad categories: men's frame and women's frame.

The frame is generally made of common carbon copper tubes welded and assembled. In order to reduce the weight of the tube and increase the strength, higher-grade bicycles are made of low-alloy steel tubes. In order to reduce the resistance to rapid travel, some bicycles also use streamlined steel pipes.

Since the bicycle is driven by the human body's own driving force and riding skills, the frame becomes an important structural body that can withstand the impact load generated by the bicycle and can comfortably and safely carry the human body. The merits and demerits will directly affect the safety, stability, and briskness of riding. Generally, the spokes are of equal diameter. In order to reduce the weight, there are also made of variable-diameter spokes with large ends and small middle portions. There are also spokes made of flat splines in order to reduce the air resistance.


There are two kinds of soft side tires and hard side tires. The wide section of the soft side tire can be wrapped around the inner tube and the area of the ground is relatively large, which can be suitable for a variety of roads. Hard-sided tires have light weight and a small area for driving on flat roads. They have the advantages of low resistance, light travel, and so on.

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