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Bicycle Flywheel
- Jun 07, 2018 -

The flywheel is screwed and fixed on the right end of the rear axle by the internal thread, and maintains the same plane with the sprocket, and is connected with the sprocket through the chain to constitute the driving system of the bicycle. From the structure can be divided into two categories of single-stage flywheel and multi-stage flywheel.

The single-stage flywheel, also known as the single-chain wheel flywheel, is mainly composed of a jacket, a flat block, a core, a jackhammer, a jackhammer, a washer, a wire mesh and several other parts.

Its single-stage flywheel works: When the pedal is stepped forward, the chain drives the flywheel forward. At this time, the internal gear and the flywheel of the flywheel are included. The rotational force of the flywheel is transmitted to the core through the jack. The core drives the rear axle and When the rear wheel turns, the bike goes forward.

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