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38mm VS 50mm Carbon Wheels
- Aug 01, 2018 -

As we know,the 38mm and 50mm carbon wheels is the popular in bicycle market until this century.Many people asked me,which size better for me?Which wheels will be perfect performance?So i will let you know any about 38mm and 50mm carbon bicycle wheels.(All of the comparisons are base on the same hub,spokes and nipple )


1.38mm wheels is lighter than 50mm carbon wheels,but 50mm more stiffer

2.50mm aero is better than lightweight wheels,such 38mm.Getting better rolling mass.

3.38mm is better for climbing.

4.38mm carbon bicycle wheels will give you better handling and will be stiff enough at your weight.


   In fact,the difference are small between there two rims.Rim,wheel stiffness,spokes holes,spoke tension,pressure and rider weight,rider style and so on,also effect.Some people buy a set of 50mm and 38mm wheels.Riding 50mm on clam days and swap in the 38mm carbon wheels if it is too windy.

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