MTB Shallow Series

MTB Shallow Series

  • 2022-02-24

Superroad 2022 new shallow section series mtb rims has come into the market.20mm deep profile enough shallow.340 gram to 370 gram enough light as well.If you want to upgrade your heavier mtb aluminum wheels to shallow section light weight mtb wheels;If you always hope the XC training with your lighter bike;Do you enjoy the moment when you doing cross country with flying general feeling.Please be careful to read the introduce of our new design mtb rims.We call them ShallowS series.

new shallow profile mtb carbon rims

Why we product development team likely the shallow section mtb design,the shallow section rims are more compliant vertically when you hit or bump the place.Deep section rims easier to bend or broken.The advantage of shallow section design that quick turning a corner and speed up,would be work faster.

All the series rims hookless sidewall is 4mm,5.5mm for the hookless rim bead,thicker,higher and smooth design offer the best impact resistance when you hit or bump place,offer the great protection.33mm,35mm and 38mm outer width corresponding to 25mm,27mm and 30mm internal width,XC-MTBA293320TL and XC-MTBA293520TL with 2.1-2.7’’,the AM-MTBA293820TL recommend tire size is 2.2-2.7’’.Hookless wider design easier to mount the tires,with lower tires pressure.Dont forget the asymmetrical,it balance the spoke tension of the both side wheels.

MTB Rims Bead Sidewall

The new ShallowS series still keep the tubeless bead lock design,seal the rims when you inflated or impacting,keep the tires base in safely.Please see the picture above.

Here is 3 models details,as below:

20mm carbon mtb rims
35mm mtb carbon rims
AM asymmetric MTB carbon rims

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