Light Bicycle Carbon Climbing Wheels With Bitex Hub 2:1

Light Bicycle Carbon Climbing Wheels With Bitex Hub 2:1

-24mm carbon wheels

-30mm carbon wheels

-Bitex hubs , anti-bite system , pillar 1420 spokes.

-Carbon climbing wheels

-Lightest climbing wheels

  • Size:

  • Brake Surface:

    Basalt/Special Laser
  • Finish:

    UD 3K 12K Twill
  • Rim Type:

  • Payment:

    Paypal/Bank Transfer/West Union
Product Detail

2 Types of carbon climbing wheels details,as below:


 CL24T-BR9  CL30T-BR9  CL24T-BB301-SP  CL30T-BB301-SP


 Toray T700 
 Toray T700 
 Toray T700 
 Toray T700 
Hubs  Bitex J-Bend Hubs (2:1)
 Bitex J-Bend Hubs (2:1)  Bitex Straight Pull Hubs (2:1)  Bitex Straight Pull Hubs (2:1)
Hub Weight  66/192g  66/192g  79/228g  79/228g
Rim Model
 RV24T  WU30T  RV24T  WU30T

Inner/Out Width

 23mm  25mm  23mm


 24mm  30mm  24mm  30mm

Rim Type

 Tubular  Tubular  Tubular

Brake System

 Rim Brake  Rim Brake  Rim Brake
 Rim Brake

Rim Weight

 290+/-15g  330+/-15g  290+/-15g


 596  590  596


 UD/3K/12K/Twill   UD/3K/12K/Twill   UD/3K/12K/Twill 


 Matte/Glossy  Matte/Glossy  Matte/Glossy
Spokes And Nipples  Pillar 1420 spokes With Nipple  Pillar 1420 Spokes With Nipple  Pillar 1420 Spokes With Nipple  Pillar 1420 Spokes With Nipple

Spoke Hole

 16-21H / 18-21H / 20-24H  16-21H / 18-21H / 20-24H  18-21H / 18-24H / 20-24H
 18-21H / 18-24H / 20-24H
Wheelset Weight  1030+/-20g  1110+/-20g  1080+/-20g  1160+/-20g

Max Spokes Tension

 130 kgf    130 kgf    130 kgf  
 130 kgf  

Max Tyre Pressure

 80 Psi  80 Psi  80 Psi  80 Psi

Max Rider Weight

 100 Kg   110 Kg   100 Kg 
 110 Kg 


 2 Years  2 Years  2 Years
 2 Years

SUPERROAD carbon climbing wheels with bitex hubs, model of bitex RAR9/RAF10 J-bend superlight bicycle wheels hub and bitex BX301R/BX301F straight pull light weight hub,both 2:1 design.With Anti-Bite system,one of the most common problem about freehub bodies is how easily they can be gouged by cassettes, leaving ugly notches that make removing the cassette difficult,here is a solution to freehub gouging, and we have just did it. Bitex hubs Anti-Bite system combine with bitex patented 6 pawls free hub body is a perfect combination.

Lightest climbing wheels is popular in climbing stage.24mm carbon tubular rims (RV24T) built 24mm light carbon wheels for climbing rider.But if you need wider wheels for your bike, 25mm wide U shape 30mm deep carbon rims (WU30T) would be your choose.

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