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Specification Of Light Weight Carbon Wheelset 一一PL38C-PR36 Description Of G3 Pattern 700C 25mm Wide 38mm Light Weight Carbon Clincher Wheelset With Sapim Spokes Full carbon 25mm wide 38mm deep light weight carbon clincher wheelset tubeless ready.offering crosswind stability and the...

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Specification Of Light Weight Carbon Wheelset 一一PL38C-PR36




Powerway Carbon Hub

With Ceramic Bearing


Full Carbon T700

Spoke   Hole


Rim   Width


Cassette   Body


Rim   Inner Width



Sapim Cx-ray Spokes

Rim   Depth



Sapim Nipple

Rim   Type

Tubeless Compatible


Road Bike



Max   Spokes Tension




Max   Tyre Pressure




Max Rider   Weight






Brake   Track




High Tg



2 Years

Description Of G3 Pattern 700C 25mm Wide 38mm Light Weight Carbon Clincher Wheelset With Sapim Spokes     

Full carbon 25mm wide 38mm deep light weight carbon clincher wheelset tubeless ready.offering crosswind stability and the aerodynamically efficient rim design TWC38C from superroad. Powerway R36 carbon hub with ceramic bearing into our light weight 38mm carbon tubeless road bike wheels. The reason why we prefer to using powerway hub with our wheels,because it is lighter than other brands hub,Rolling resistance is the key trump card promoted by ceramic bearing fans.A ceramic bearing is also harder than steel bearings, which improves durability, and they also don’t rust so less maintenance should be required. Molded carbon brake track technology, high TG 240 brake track avoid the deformation for the most technical descents,Max Wider in 28mm, reduced rolling resistance to produce the lightest, the wheels offers amazing stability from the wide profile,wider rims for this wheels better control and handle.. 

Why the tubeless compatible road rims?Improved rolling resistance over standard clincher,make more power for cyclist.the second,it will be reduced the tire pressure.The third,more aerodynamic than standard clincher. 

Why we choose 28mm wide road rims in U shape?It will be reduced rolling resistance,as we know,when the rims is slightly wider than the tyre when the it contacting the ground,it will be provide huge benefit in terms of lateral resistance,you are going to get better control and handling.The result in faster speed and less power from yourself.You also will get a Aerodynamic benefit. 

Oem carbon bicycle wheels are available,if you need other hub,spokes and rims for wheels,please feel free to message us. 


1.Do you provide carbon bicycle frame set ?

Sorry,may be in the future. 

2.Rider weight about superroad rims/wheels?

Please check the product details.

3.How many pcs rims into one carton?

10 pcs ,the shipping cost will be saved. 

4.Do you find dealer for sale Superroad product ?

Yes,if you have any ideas please feel free to let me know.

What are you measuring?

You may skip over this section in case you like. You don't have to know the formula for spoke length. Spoke length calculator software does the number crunching for you.


But in case the math interests you, here's how spoke length is calculated. It's a problem in trigonometry, in two steps.

The first step is to calculate the length of the third side of a triangle according to the cosine rule formula,
C = \/A2 + B2 - 2AB cos θ


·  A and B are the two known sides, and

·  θ (theta) is the angle between them.

A is indicated by the purple line in the illustration at the left, and B by the orange line. C (in red) is the third side, the one you calculate.


The two known sides (A and B) are the radius (half diameter) of the circle of spoke holes in the hub flange, and the radius of the circle of spoke holes of the rim. The angle θ depends on the number of spoke holes and the spoking pattern.

The first step creates a virtual measuring point directly below the spoke holes in the rim. There's nothing to measure directly there, and that's why a second step is needed.

The second step gives the spoke length, by accounting for the spacing of the hub flange away from the centerline. This step applies the Pythagorean Theorem for the hypotenuse (slant side) of a right triangle, with a slight correction to account for the size of the spoke holes in the hub:

L =\/ C2 + w2 - d/2


· C is the result of the previous formula, as shown by the red line in the image at the right,

· w is the spacing of the spoking flange from the centerline, as shown by the blue or green line in the image, and

· d is the diameter of the spoke holes in the hub.

Each of the hub's two flanges may be a different distance from the centerline, as indicated by the blue and green lines -- image modified from one by keithonearth on Wikipedia.

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