700C 28mm Wide 38mm Deep Carbon Clincher Wheels Tubeless

Specification Of 38mm Carbon Clincher Wheels 一一CL38C-PR36 Description Of 700C 28mm Wide 38mm Deep Carbon Clincher Wheels Tubeless Compatible With Powerway R36 hub 700C 28mm wide 38mm deep carbon clincher wheels tubeless ready.offering crosswind stability and the aerodynamically efficient rim...

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Specification Of 38mm Carbon Clincher Wheels 一一CL38C-PR36




Powerway Carbon Hub


Full Carbon T700

Spoke   Hole


Rim   Width


Cassette   Body


Rim   Inner Width



Pillar 1420 Spokes

Rim   Depth



Alloy Nipple

Rim   Type

Tubeless Compatible


Road Bike



Max   Spokes Tension




Max   Tyre Pressure




Max Rider   Weight






Brake   Track




High Tg



2 Years

Description Of 700C 28mm Wide 38mm Deep Carbon Clincher Wheels Tubeless Compatible With Powerway R36 hub

700C 28mm wide 38mm deep carbon clincher wheels tubeless ready.offering crosswind stability and the aerodynamically efficient rim design from superroad.Super light weight carbon hub -- powerway R36 into our light weight 38mm carbon clincher wheels.Pillar 1420 aero light weight spokes and alloy nipples make the wheels lighter and lighter.Light weight enough to climbs,Molded carbon brake track technology, high TG 240 brake track avoid the deformation for the most technical descents,Max Wider in 28mm, reduced rolling resistance to produce the lightest, the wheels offers amazing stability from the wide profile,wider rims for this wheels better control.

The wheels incl new design plastic rims tape,only 3.7g/rim,as picture:


Why the tubeless compatible road rims?Improved rolling resistance over standard clincher,make more power for cyclist.the second,it will be reduced the tire pressure.The third,more aerodynamic than standard clincher.

Why we choose 28mm wide road rims in U shape?It will be reduced rolling resistance,as we know,when the rims is slightly wider than the tyre when the it contacting the ground,it will be provide huge benefit in terms of lateral resistance,you are going to get better control and handling.The result in faster speed and less power from yourself.You also will get a Aerodynamic benefit.The trend of carbon rims is 20.5mm,23mm wide carbon rims to wider rims in the future. 

Oem carbon bicycle wheels are available,if you need other hub,spokes and rims for wheels,please feel free to message us.



2 years for our rims and wheels,more details please check our warranty policy.


(1)Shipping by DPD avoid tax.

(2)We can write lower invoice for custom.

3.What is the minimum order quantity limit?

We have not MOQ limit, sample order are available.

4.What is the payment method?

Payment Terms: Paypal, Bank Transfer, T/T, Credit Card, West Union. 


We can make any logo you need,please send the font file and pantone color for us.If you don’t have any ideas for the design,we have professional team will be service you and custom logo for you.

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We specialized in this field for 6 years, 150 workers, 1500 m2 non-dust workshop, EN certificated, our clients test can pass UCI, this is how we keep good quality and competitive prices for global valued customers. 

Our main products cover carbon rims,carbon wheels etc.

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How should I maintain my carbon wheels?  

Maintaining carbon rims properly will ensure they live up to the light, strong and long-lasting credentials that carbon rims are known for. One way to maintain carbon wheels is by cleaning them regularly. Full carbon wheels require slightly more care than aluminium wheels, but it is neither hard nor time consuming.

Your carbon wheels are subjected to the usual debris that accumulates from training and racing, whether it’s from braking, the road surface or weather conditions. So “keep it clean” is the best advice we can give.

Over time carbon rims will accumulate a small amount of brake pad material and if you decide not to use our recommended carbon brake pads specifically designed for our rims you’ll find that they will ‘glaze up’. Glazing happens when, under hard braking, the pad and rim heat up enough that pad material literally melts onto the rim. The surface of the pad will become hard and the rim will have a film on it. We have found that many brake pads made by well known brands have issues with glazing on the rim. This glazing will affect the performance and longevity of your rims. Grease and road debris will also build up over time. 

Superroad carbon wheels are engineered using the highest grade toray carbon materials and the braking surface has been developed with High TG Resins and a number of carbon layers to help reduce heat and extend the life of your wheels.

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