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  • 88mm Profile Carbon Rims Use (WU88TL)
    • Jul 20,2022.

    88mm profile carbon rims the special existence in the carbon bicycle market.Different bike wheels design base on different rider requestment. For the road bike,the wheels deep range about 30-60mm,long...

  • 3K VS 3K Twill Brake Surface
    • Jul 5,2022.

    With the disc brake wheels high speed development,rim brake rider less and less.Carbon wheels brake track design concerns,less and less as well.But still some road bike riders choose them to run.If yo...

  • Mix Deep Carbon Wheels
    • Jun 13,2022.

    Nowadays, mix deep carbon wheels are very popular. Many professional cyclists will choose wheels of different depths. People who like mix deep carbon wheels generally choose front wheels with shallowe...

  • V VS U Shaped Carbon Wheels Rims
    • May 27,2022.

    Many people know that v shape rims are a relatively old design, and then designers developed u shape rims. Slowly u shape rims gradually replaced v shape rims. As shown in the image below, the lower e...

  • Carbon Wheels Rim Brake Surface
    • May 20,2022.

    Common rim brake surface types: UD, basalt, 3k, 3k Twill, 12k Twill, and grooved. So what do these six rim brakes look like? Could their strength be affected by different weaving styles? As shown in t...

  • Novatec Hubs VS Powerway Hubs
    • May 9,2022.

    The hub is an important part of the bicycle, a good hub will make your riding experience better. Before comparing who has the advantage between the two, let's first explain what a hub is. The hub is t...

  • What Are Unremovable Carbon Wheels Decals?
    • May 9,2022.

    Many brands will make the brand name as unremovable carbon wheels decals and stick them to the surface of the rim. There are also many riders who will customize their own special unremovable decals to...

  • What Is The Differences Between 27.5er And 29er Wheels
    • May 9,2022.

    In the past, mountain bikers didn't have a question of what size to choose because almost all of the bikes on the market were 26er and only a handful of 29er. Now that big rims are slowly gaining popu...

  • Why are carbon wheels so expensive?
    • Apr 27,2022.

    In the past decade, carbon wheels have become very popular. Even in every major competition, almost all carbon bikes. Carbon wheels are known to be very light and ride faster. So why don't people choo...

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