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1.What kinds of carbon fiber our use?

All product use Japan toray T700 material.Light weight version in 30% carbon T800,superlight version in 100% carbon T800 material.

2.Braking surface

High TG 240 for our clincher rim, and high TG 210 temperature resin for our tubular rims.If you need more stronger brake track,we also can provide high TG 255 temperature resin brake surface.

3.What are the recommended rider weight limits for superroad wheels?

Recommended maximum weight for different rim/wheel, please check the specification of product.

4.Why carbon rims?

Lighter,stronger and stiffer.Why not carbon rims?

5.Should I run different tyre pressures on your rims?

Different wider rim need different size tyre,please confirm with our sales before your order.

6.What are your lightest wheels?

Superroad build many kinds of wheels for sale,you must be confirm one point:where will the

wheels use? So the lightest wheels will be suggestion soon.

7.Which of your rims are suitable for clincher/tubeless tyres?

RC24C to RC88C,WC38C to WC88C,and TWC series carbon rims suitable for clincher tubeless ready.

8.Do you provide road disc brake wheels?

Yes, road disc brake wheels is the trend of 2018 cycling market ,with disc brake road bikes becoming more and more popular we of course offer a complete range of disc brake wheels.Now,the CL38C-PCX32 wheels probably meet your need,custom size or other hub/spokes are available.

9.Do you offer different axle size for disc brake wheels?

When purchasing a disc brake wheel you specify what axle measurement you require.

10.Should I go for Brass or Alloy Nipples?

Alloy nipples are a great way to save rotating weight on a wheels, because we use the high quality alloy nipples that out-perform brass nipples in corrosion tests.

11.Do you provide wheelset in tubeless ready?

We provide many wheels in tubeless ready, you also can check our rim,custom wheels area available.

12.Do you offer 650C wheels?

Yes,but just for 23mm wide 50mm deep clincher/tubular wheels.

13.Are your wheels durable enough to use for training and racing?

 All of our wheels enough to use for training and racing.

14.What type of spoke will you use?

Pillar 1432 and 1423 spokes for BL series,pillar 1420 spokes for CL series,Sapim cx-ray spokes for PL series.

15.Do you offer compatibility with 9, 10 and 11 speed Shimano/Campy cassette body?

Yes,most hub compatibility with 9/10/11S shimano or compy cassette body.

16.Do superroad wheels come with quick releases?

 All the superroad wheels come with standard quick releases.

17.What is the difference between black spokes and sliver spokes.

Nothing,except for color only.

18.What brake pads do your recommend for your carbon rims/wheels?

Special brake pad incl our current wheels(only wheels),we don’t recommend the use of any other brake pad.

19.Are superroad wheels hand built?

Yes,hand build by professional wheels builder.

20.Why do you choose external nipples for the superroad rim?

When adjusting the spoke tension or truing the wheel, you don’t need to remove the tires, tube and rim tape.

21.Which rim tape you provide?

Our new design plastic rim tape for tubeless version.Only 3.7g/rim.

22.Do I need to purchase Brake Pads?

No,each wheels incl 2 pair superroad brake pads. (Only wheels)

23.Training use?

Training on less aerodynamic wheels will give you a boost on race day.

24.Can i paint logo on product?

Yes,we can make any logo you need,please send the pantone color,ai file and font file for our sale.