38mm VS 50mm Carbon Wheels

38mm VS 50mm Carbon Wheels

  • January 2,2020.

There are some clients want to know the benefit of 38mm vs 50mm carbon road bike rims.

38 and 50 refer to the height of the rim - 38mm and 50mm. Although the same series of wheels, the 50mm ring version is more expensive than 38mm, but this is almost only the cost difference in material use, it does not indicate which is better.Choose a wheelset of 38mm or 50mm, depending on the specific cycling situation.

In professional road cycling competitions, especially for high-level competitions, the general team will prepare at least two rim height wheels for each cyclist. The most common specifications are around 40mm and 60mm. These two rim height wheels will be replaced according to different stages.

The 38mm rim height is low. In practical cycling, it is mostly used in climbing stages, such as mountain road riding. The lower rim height can bring lighter weight, and it can be effectively reduced lateral winds which can seriously affect the cyclist's ability to control the bike. In addition to affecting the results of the game, there may be danger.
At the same time, when using 38mm wheelsets, the team will provide the cyclists with a lighter, comprehensive frame suitable for climbing.

The 50mm rim height is more high, and it is mostly used in the flat road stage - the biggest advantage brought by the high rim is that it has a stronger ability to break the wind. In the road cycling competition on the flat stage, the cyclists' wheelsets are almost 50mm or even 60mm, and with the perfect aerodynamic design of the pneumatic frame. Although the weight is increased compared to the climbing vehicle. The advantage it brings to reduce air resistance is far greater than the weight loss.

Therefore, although the price of the same series 38mm rim will be lower than 50mm, this does not mean that 50mm will be better than the 38mm rim, depending on the specific situation if you only take a flat road ride, 50mm wheelsets will bring you even higher speed. If you like to climb mountains, the 38mm wheelset is more suitable for you.
Of course, if the budget is sufficient, you can buy two kinds of wheels, each pair will be replaced at any time.

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