Asymmetric MTB Rims



Asymmetric MTB Rims

29er Mountain Bike Rims Lightest 30mm MTB XC Rims

29er Mountain Bike Rims Lightest 30mm MTB XC Rims

-Lightest MTB Rims

-Best XC Rims

-29er 30mm MTB Rims

-Asymmetrical Design

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    Tubeless Ready
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Product Detail

30mm mtb rims geometric : 

mtb carbon rims 29er




 Toray T700 
 Toray T800
Rim Width (Outer/Inner)  30/25mm  30/25mm
Rim Depth  25mm  25mm
Weave  UD/3K/12K/Twill  UD


 Matte/Glossy  Matte/Glossy

Rim Type

 Tubeless  Tubeless


 Hookless  Hookless

Brake System

 Disc Brake  Disc Brake


 589  589

Spoke Holes

 24/28/32H  24/28/32H

Rim Weight

 370+/-15g   310+/-15g
Offset  2.6  2.6
Tyre Size  1.8-2.5''  1.8-2.5''

Max Spokes Tension

 130kgf  130kgf

Max Tyre Pressure

 60 Psi  60 Psi

Max Rider Weight

 120 Kg   110 Kg 
Decals  Customized  Customized


 2 Years  2 Years

29er mtb rims XC-MTBA2930TL easy for use 2.0-2.3'' size tubeless tyre,use tube are available.There is combination of XC-MTBA2930TL.and XC-MTBA2928TL.the slightly wider front wheels get more stability on the turns,and reduce the rear wheels rolling resistance. 

29er mountain bike rims 30mm in asymmetric design,also build up into flyweight version,T800 320g only.Enough lighter and stronger target towards xc rider get more power , stiffer and reduce rolling resistance.Superroad make more and more lightest mtb rims with popular asymmetrical design.

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