2022 We Have Something To Say

2022 We Have Something To Say

  • November 9,2021.

How time flies! It's 6 years since Superroad founded.So as the 7 years turns,about our future,we have something to say.

1.Superroad decide to stop all e-store (Alibaba,aliexpress),also not allow anybody selling superroad product in any e-store.

With the development of the e-commerce,a cut-throat price war has broken out between suppliers.On the other hand,the price raises for raw materials,factory are affected with covid-19 and power rationing,labor cost increase.We don't want to give up the quality and benefit for price war,we always feeling carbon bicycle is high-end product,guaranteed quality,at the same time, guarantee price for this market.May be you heard something about "xiamen carbon",this is a derogatory term reviews for xiamen carbon rims.The reason why "xiamen carbon" is some suppliers provide fake carbon rims for customers in order to price war and small benefit.As we know,Superroad always refuse price war,fake carbon,copy goods established in the bicycle market,the same future.The third,the e-store with expensive commission fee,not good either one.

Customers will purchase our product from our official website ( or authorized distributor,we also happy more and more people join us and selling our product in every countries.

2.Frame with MOQ limted.

Carbon frame different from carbon rims production,longer lead time and complicated technics with multiple processes and factors,we will accept wholesale order, MOQ 10 sets.Sample order are available,we can send the frame directly if them in stock.The lead time is over 60 days if out of stock.We are cooperate with bafang company,provide bafang engine and battery kits as well,lead time 60 days.

3.Superroad offering an extended warranty period.

Keeping the 2 standard warranty policy, but with the market and customer's demand,superroad will extend warranty period for our product.Change carbon rims warranty 2 years to 3 years,extra cost is 20USD/pcs ,extend carbon wheelset warranty 2 years to 3 years is 40USD/pcs.If you willing to lifetime warranty, extra cost is 60USD/pcs for rims, 80USD/pcs for wheelset Other carbon components 1 year.

The above items start effective from Jan. 15, 2022.

Thank you for all your support.

Superroad Team

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