• Light Weight Carbon Wheelset

    Light Weight Carbon Wheelset

    Specification Of Light Weight Carbon Wheelset 一一PL38C-PR36 Description Of G3 Pattern 700C 25mm Wide 38mm Light Weight Carbon Clincher Wheelset With Sapim Spokes Full carbon 25mm wide 38mm deep light weight carbon clincher wheelset tubeless ready.offering crosswind stability...Read More

  • 88mm Carbon Wheelset

    88mm Carbon Wheelset

    Specification Of 88mm Carbon Wheelset 一一CL88C/50C-PR36 Description Of 700C 50mm+88mm Road Bicycle Tubeless Ready Carbon Clincher Track Wheelset. 700C front 50mm + rear 88mm road bicycle carbon clincher wheelset.With light weight version rims fomr superroad RC50C and...Read More

  • Carbon Road Wheels Disc Brakes

    Carbon Road Wheels Disc Brakes

    Specification Of Carbon Road Wheels Disc Brakes 一一CL38C-PCX32 Description Of CX Bike 38mm Tubeless Ready Road Disc Brake Wheel set For Cyclocross Racing Toray Carbon Fiber 28mm wider 38mm deep road disc brake wheels 700c for cyclocross bike.To keep light weight and easy to...Read More

  • Carbon Kevlar Wheels

    Carbon Kevlar Wheels

    Specification Of Carbon Kevlar Wheels 一一BL30T-NFS62 Description Of 25mm Wide 30mm Tubular Light Weight Carbon Kevlar Wheels For Road Bicycle 700C 25mm wide 30mm deep tubular road bicycle carbon kevlar wheels.New arrivals novatec straight pull hub into our climbing carbon...Read More

  • Carbon Offset Rims

    Carbon Offset Rims

    Specification Of Carbon Offset Rims 一一AC50C Description Of Full Carbon 50mm Deep Carbon Clincher offset Rims 700C 25mm wide 50mm deep offset road bicycle light weight carbon rims.Molded carbon brake track technology.High tg 240℃ for our carbon tubeless compatible road rims,it...Read More

  • Asymmetric Bicycle Rims

    Asymmetric Bicycle Rims

    Specification Of Asymmetric Bicycle Rims 一一AC38C Description Of 28mm Wide 38mm Deep Carbon Tubeless Offset Bicycle Rims 700C 25mm wide 38mm deep tubeless compatible offset bicycle rims.Molded carbon brake track technology.High tg 240℃ for our carbon tubeless compatible road...Read More

  • 50mm Carbon Rims

    50mm Carbon Rims

    Specification Of 50mm Carbon Rims 一一TWC50C Description Of Carbon Fiber Wider 50mm Deep Tubeless Road Rims. 700C 25mm wide 50mm deep carbon tubeless road bicycle rims .Molded carbon brake track technology.High tg 240℃ for our carbon tubeless compatible road rims,it is...Read More

  • Carbon Tubeless Road Rims

    Carbon Tubeless Road Rims

    Specification Of Carbon Tubeless Road Rims 一一TWC38C Description Of Toray T700 25mm Wide 38mm Deep Carbon Clincher Rims Tubeless Compatible. Full carbon 25mm wide 38mm deep clincher tubeless compatible road rims .Molded carbon brake track technology.High tg 240℃ for our carbon...Read More

  • Am Carbon Rims

    Am Carbon Rims

    Specification Of Am Carbon Rims 一一MTB-AAM29-35 MTB 29er 35mm Wide Offset Carbon Rims Mountain Bicycle Rims If you need some model can fit both Enduro and AM bicycle,please check this model MTB-AAM29-35.Hookless rim walls will be more straight , easy for muont and dismount the...Read More

  • Best Xc Mountain Bike Rims

    Best Xc Mountain Bike Rims

    Specification Of 30mm Mtb Rims 一一MTB-XC29-30 29er 30mm Wide 30mm Deep Carbon Best XC Mountain Bike Rims If you want to find a stronger xc rims,the model of MTB-XC29-30 will be suitable for you.30mm external wide 30mm deep tubeless cross country mtb rims.Hook less rims walls...Read More

  • Xc Rims Mtb

    Xc Rims Mtb

    Specification Of XC Rims MTB 一一MTB-XC29-24U Description Of 29er 24mm Wide 24mm Deep MTB XC Rims 29er 24mm wide 24mm deep cross country rims from SUPERROAD,295g amazing weight into carbon t800 material more suitable for XC bike.More vertically compliant without sacrificing...Read More

  • Mtb Carbon Rims 27.5

    Mtb Carbon Rims 27.5

    Specification Of MTB Carbon Rims 27.5er 一一MTB-AXC650-28 27.5er MTB Carbon Rims Mountain Bike Wheels Asymmetric MTB xc rims more and more hot selling now. This significantly strengthens the wheels structure by increasing the spoke angles on the drivetrain side of the rear...Read More

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